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Xi Xiao Ji' and the Teaching of Classical Chinese Poetry WritingTang, CK1999127
Xiao Yuncong (1596-1669) and his landscape paintingsSzeto, Yuen-kit.; 司徒元傑1999495
Ye Xie on Tu Fu--A Preliminary Study of Yuan Shi's InadequaciesTang, CK2007273
Xin Xi Guxiang: A Study of Regional Associations as a Bonding Mechanism in the Chinese Diaspora. The Hong Kong ExperienceSinn, EYY1997333
The Xinggong Caotan: a unique model of Daoist Charitable Hall in modern CantonLeung, AKC2009168
Xiong Mingyu and Western learning in late MingFung, KW1994126
Xiong Tingbi's (1569-1625) strategy in defending Liaodongagainst the Jurchen invasionLai, Sing-chi.; 黎承志.1991482
Xu Beihong [1895-1953] and Western influence: a study of his large-scale history paintingsYeung, Yuk-ling, Cecilia.; 楊玉玲1996446
Xu CanTsang, Wai-sin.; 曾惠仙.2007435
Xu Guangqi (1562-1633) and the Making of Western Star-dial in 17th century ChinaFung, KW200582
Xu Guangqi [1562-1633]and Western Star-dial: With Special Reference to Xu Guangqi Chongzhen Mouchen liyuan yong xinggui fa [Method Using (Western) Star-dial in accordance with the (Calendrical) Epoch on the Mouchen Year of Chongzhen Reign] appearedFung, KW2005116
Xu Guangqi yu Ji he yuan ben (Xu Guangqi and Chinese Edition of Euclid’s Elementorum)Fung, KW2011216
Xu Guanqi (1562-1633) and Western Star-dialFung, KW2003108
Xu Jiyu (1795-1873) and his Yinghuan zhilueLeung, Yue-sang.; 梁餘生1992511
Xun Zi's concepts of human nature and mindChu, Hsiao-hai, Sherman.; 朱曉海1993475
Xunzi and Zhuangzi: two approaches to death in Classical Chinese ThoughtFraser, CJ2010338
Xunzi Versus Zhuangzi: Two Approaches to Death in Classical Chinese ThoughtFraser, CJ201320
Xunzi's Dao and Its ContentsTang, SF201336
Xunzi: people’s nature is evil and moral autonomyTang, SF2008165
Xuwu zhuyi yu lunli duoyuanhua (Nihilism and moral pluralismCi, J2000221
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