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The value and status of Chinese History TeachingHui, CH200075
Values in conflict. The effects of Islam, migration, and social fragmentation on European Politics and Foreign PolicyVogt, CR201093
Values in conflict: the rise and effects of anti-Islamic populism in EuropeVogt, CR2011181
Vance, Cyrus RobertsRoberts, PM; Roberts, PM200378
Vanilla in the starsLam, ASL200984
Variability in American English s-retraction suggests a solution to the actuation problemBaker, A; Archangeli, D; Mielke, J201139
The variant wordings in Lu Xun's classical poemsTang, CK200796
Variation in the use of the particle ge in Hong Kong CantoneseTsang, Wai-lan.; 曾慧蘭.1997207
Variations in the Cantonese Reading of Chinese Characters: Some examplesSin, CY199979
Varieties of Cultural Hybridity: Hong Kong Art in the Late Colonial EraClarke, David J1997544
Venture capital in China: growth and prospectsTse, Yin-wing, Jason.; 謝彥穎.2005558
Verb fronting in French and Sinitic vernaculars: a comparative study inspired by Chris CorneMatthews, SJ200388
Verb topicalization in CantoneseMatthews, SJ; Yip, V199480
Verb valency patterns, constructions and grammaticalizationNoël, D2007141
Verb-copying constructions in Cantonese. In B.K. T'sou (ed.)Matthews, SJ; Yip, V199892
Verbal and nominal classification: syntactic and semantic parallels in Cantonese and beyondMatthews, SJ; Yip, V199998
The verbal construction of non-verbal behaviour: British press reports of president Clinton's grand jury testimony videoJaworski, A; Galasiǹski, D2002138
Verbal humour: levels of expectation : an examination of strategies with a limited corpusNancarrow, C. R.1985252
Verbal vs. nominal classifier constructions in Cantonese and ThaiMatthews, SJ; Leung, TC200176
Verbs for wanting and needing in modern standard Chinese and in CantoneseLuke, KK; Nancarrow, OT199563
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