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Race and gender in the works of Maxine Hong Kingston, Alice Walker andToni MorrisonHui, Fung-mei, Sandra.; 許鳳薇.2004921
Race and Language: Ties of 'Blood and Speech', Fictive Identity and Empire in the Writings of Henry Maine and Edward FreemanHutton, CM2000144
Race and native speakers in ELT: parents' perspectives in Hong KongSung, CCM2011132
Race and revolution: Blackness in China's long twentieth centuryShih, SM201353
Race and the Third Reich: linguistics, racial anthropology and genetics in the dialectic of VolkHutton, CM2005114
Race in Asian poetry in English : ethnic, national and cosmopolitan representationsLam, ASL201189
'Race in China'Dikotter, F2006130
Race science and scientific racism'Hutton, CM2004100
Race Theory On Trial Under National Socialism: The Case Of Ludwig Ferdinand ClaussHutton, CM2005127
'The Racialisation of the Globe: Historical Perspectives'Dikotter, F2007124
Racialization and Colonial Space: Intermarriage in Yi Hyo-sŏk's WorksKim, SY201329
The racialization of the globe: An interactive interpretationDikötter, F2008200
The racialization of the globe: historical perspectivesDikotter, F2011117
Radhakrishnan, SarvepalliRoberts, PM201034
Radhakrishnan, SarvepalliRoberts, PM199994
Radio BroadcastingNakano, Y2002103
Radio leaks: Presenting and contesting leaks in radio news broadcastsJaworski, A; Fitzgerald, R; Morris, D2004124
Raining, drowning and swimming: Fu Baoshi and waterClarke, D2006119
Raising eurasia: Race, class, and age in French and British coloniesPomfret, DM200967
’Raising Eurasia’: Age, Gender and Race in Hong Kong and Indochina,Pomfret, DM2009157
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