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Qian Daxin's (1728-1804) scholarship on confucian classics and historiographyWong, Kai-wa.; 黃啓華1990489
Qian Zhongshu's (1910-1998) Views on the Preface of Du Yu's (222-284) Collected Explanations of the Text and Commentary of the Chunqiu: an examinationSin, CY1999163
Qin and Qin Music (in Chinese)Chan, HY199887
Qing Arts in European PalacesThomas, GM201145
Qing poetry on MingMing, Yau-yau.; 明柔佑.2010610
Qiqiao BanWu, Hoi-sai, Kathy.; 鄔凱茜.2003440
Qiqiao tushuo and Miscellaneous Studies on the History of TangramLeung, SK; Lung, TY2006115
Qu Yuan in Su Shi's WorksTang, CK2006110
Qualification and Certainty in L1 and L2 Students' WritingHyland, K; Milton, J1997162
Qualitative changes in first year medical students' conceptualizations of PBL: an anlaysis of reflective texts and pictorial metaphorsTse, LK201252
Quality Education and the Teaching of Chinese History in Hong Kong Secondary SchoolsHui, CH1998129
Quality of life in Hong Kong and Singapore in the 1990'sHo, Ying-hon.; 何英瀚.1996319
Quality of life of the institutionalized elderly: a case study of three Japanese institutions for theelderlyWu, Yongmei; 吳咏梅2000694
Quantitative tract-based white matter development from birth to age 2yearsGeng, X; Gouttard, S; Sharma, A; Gu, H; Styner, M; Lin, W; Gerig, G; Gilmore, JH201280
The Quasi-documentary and Imaginary Landscapes: On Jia Zhongke and Fruit ChanCheung, EMK200779
Queer Politics and Its Discontents: the case of the postcolonial tongzhi community in Hong Kong”Szeto, MM200781
A question of belonging: Reading Jean Arasanayagam through nationalist discourseHo, EYL; Rambukwella, H2006288
A question of character: the romance of early Sino-American commerce in the journals of Major Samuel Shaw, the first American Consul in Canton (1847)Johnson, KA2012134
Questioning identities: structuralist and deconstruction approaches to the representation of race in threenovelsWong, Yuet-wai.; 王悦惠.1999291
Questions of masculinity In querelle of brest by Jean Genet and A single man by Christopher IsherwoodChan, Tsz-fai, Frank; 陳子輝2005454
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