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'OBASL: Bottom-up or Top-down; A perspective from HKU'Prosser, MT; Pomfret, DM; Cunich, PA2009187
Obituary: William H. Hinton (1919 –2004)Vukovich, D200413
The Object of Fidelity in Translating Multilingual LegislationLeung, JHC201359
The Object of Fidelity in Translating Multilingual LegislationLeung, JHC201320
Object-sharing as symmetric sharing: Evidence from DagaareHiraiwa, K; Bodomo, AB2007111
Object-sharing as Symmetric Sharing: Predicate clefting and serial verbs in DàgáárèHiraiwa, K; Bodomo, A2008188
Objectifi cation and transgender jurisprudence: The dictionary as quasi-statuteHutton, C201159
Objectification and transgender jurisprudence: the dictionary as quasi-statuteHutton, C201130
An Objection to the View that Imperial Diarists Were Abolished in Late MingHo, KP200480
Objects and agency: material culture and modernity in ChinaDikotter, F2008178
Obliqueness and foregroundedness: English translations of erotic descriptions in the Mudan TingNgai, CSB; Lee, TK201179
An observation of peer learning in Hong Kong: cases in a university class and a life-long learning programMito, A; Seo, M2011107
The Obsession to Compare (keynote speaker)Shih, S201214
Occidentalism, Sinography, and the Avoidance of OrientalismVukovich, DF2007110
Occupation Fishing: How Japan launched Hong Kong's Department of Fisheries and Agriculture during the Second World WarMacPherson, KL2002102
Occupation Fishing: how the Japanese created Hong Kong’s Department of Agriculture and Fisheries during the Second World War”MacPherson, KL200299
An ocean of print: the communications revolution in late-colonial South and Southeast AsiaFrost, MR2010140
OCP effects in DagaareAnttila, A; Bodomo, AB2007100
Odd couples: questioning sexual identityFong, Ho-yin, Ian.; 方浩然.2000449
Oderic of Pordenone'Smethurst, P200374
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