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Nagas, alchemists, magic, and hell in seventeeth and eighteenth century Burmese wall paintings.Green, AR200896
'Nam et Sylvie: The Indochinese Butterfly Story'Ha, MOY2006136
Names and assertions: Soames's millian descriptivismWong, Pak-hang.; 黃柏恒.2005716
Names in urban landscapes: reality and the ‘myth of referencePable, AM201098
Names, Cranes, and the Later MohistsRobins, DP201214
Naming the other'Cheung, EMK200075
Nanshe Xiju ZhiYeung, YF2008121
Narcissism in male sexuality: Lan Yu, CrystalBoys and Brokeback MountainTse, Ho-lun, Tommy.; 謝浩麟.2006943
Narcotic Culture: A History of Drugs in ChinaDikotter, F; Laamann, Lars; Xun, Zhou2004496
Narrating from the Horizontal Sundial of the Main Building of The Hong Kong UniversityFung, KW2008144
Narrating singularity and regionalism: the representation of identity and resistance in Gima Hiroshi's woodblockprintsLam, Ka-yan; 林家欣2012216
Narrating the City: Street Life in Qing CantonKoon, YW201328
Narrating the self through Tong Lau (唐樓): urban mutations in Hong Kong film and literatureCheung, EMK2010105
'Narrating Transnationalism: How to Write a Grounded Dispersion'Kuehn, JC200982
Narration and Repetitioin: A Critique of The Travels of Lao CanLai, WY2000131
Narration And Repetition: A Critique Of The Travels Of Lao CanLai, WY2007122
Narration in Heart of Darkness, The Waste Land and LolitaLi, Mun-wai, Julie.; 李敏慧.1999542
Narrative and Deceleration: A Study of the Character Series of the Peach Blossom IslandLai, WY2009117
Narrative and Deceleration: A Study of Yin Yong’s the Book and the SwordLai, WY2008131
Narrative as "Fusion of horizons"Wong, Chun-yin; 黃俊賢2010468
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