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Ha Jin and the location of representationWong, Sin-i, Elaine.; 黃心儀2005398
Had better, ’d better and better: Diachronic and transatlantic variationvan der Auwera, J; Noel, D; Van linden, A201361
Hai-ling wang (1122-1161) and the politics of the Jin dynasty (1115-1234)Tsang, Chun-yu.; 曾震宇.2007597
"Half of life": male voices in the novels of Carol ShieldsHo, Julie Elaine.2000429
Halley and the London Queen Anne ChurchesAli, JR; Cunich, P200589
Halley et les eglises de la reine AnneAli, JR; Cunich, PA2006145
Halley et les eglises de la reine AnneAli, JR; Cunich, PA2006230
Halperin, Morton H.Roberts, PM200078
Halperin, Morton H.Roberts, PM199868
Hamilton Fish Armstrong and the Vietnam WarRoberts, PM199884
Hans von Bu¨low as an editor of keyboard musicChan, Siu-ying, Susan.; 陳小艿1988339
Harbin to Hanoi : colonial built environment in East Asia, 1840-1940Victoir, L; Zatsepine, V2013149
Harming and allowing harmMcCarthy, D200052
The Harpist in the Closet: Film Music as Epistemological JokeBiancorosso, G2009235
Harriman, W. AverellRoberts, PM199868
Harriman, W. AverellRoberts, PM200086
Hartz, LouisRoberts, PM199998
Harvesting The waste land: critical views 1922-1932 and 1965-1975Yiu, Yun-kwan.; 姚潤昆2003327
Haunted by Hollywood: Hong Kong Noir, Horror, and RUNNING ON KARMAMarchetti, G201176
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