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Fa (Standards: Laws) and Meaning Changes in Chinese PhilosophyHansen, C1994462
Fabulating Animals: Journey to an Affective Sphere in Asian Film SceneLaw, FYW201252
Fabulating Animals: Journey to an Affective Sphere in Asian Film SceneLaw, FYW201253
The Face of Diplomacy in Nineteenth-Century China: Qiying's Portrait GiftsKoon, YW201286
Faces of Globalization: China and the WTO'Cheung, EMK2000111
Factors Affecting the Implicit Learning of Form-Meaning ConnectionsLeung, JHC; Williams, J.N.2009127
Factors underlying prefrontal and insula structural alterations in smokersZhang, X; Salmeron, BJ; Ross, TJ; Geng, X; Yang, Y; Stein, EA201173
Faculty feedback: Perceptions and practices in L2 disciplinary writingHyland, KL201344
Fair Ladies: Composition for Liuqin, Yangqin, Zhongruan and Gehu. Premiered by LASO Plucked in Hong Kong City Hall TheatreChan, JKB200585
'Fairylands' and 'Forcing Grounds': children, agency and imperilment in British and French colonial culturesPomfret, DM200990
"Faith, Commerce and Reverend David Abeel’s Global Geographic Imagination: Mapping “South-eastern Asia” in Journal of a Residence in China (1833)"Johnson, KA201255
Faiva DatabaseThe University of Hong Kong; Stanley-Baker, PR2002881
Fall and response: Alan Duff's shameful autoethnographyHeim, O2007104
False Dichotomy? ‘Western’ and ‘Confucian’ Concepts of Scholarship and LearningLouie, KH2007105
Falsifiability, rationality, and the growth of knowledgeLee, Wai-chung, Robert.; 李慧忠.1975246
Family 'Drama' and Self-Empowerment Strategies in the Genealogy Writings of Yuan Jingrong 袁镜蓉 (1786–ca.1852)Yang, B201351
Family and Marriage in Asia: Japanese, Korean and Chinese Home-dramas seen from Chinese audienceWu, Y201076
'Family Photos'Gan, WCH200270
Family portraits: visualizing modern identities in impressionismThomas, GM201073
Family, violence and Toni MorrisonLee, Sau-yu, Phean.; 李秀瑜.2004834
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