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Back to Blavatsky: The impact of theosophy on modern linguisticsHutton, CM; Joseph, JE1998145
Bad and banned language: triad secret societies, the censorship of the Cantonese vernacular, and colonial language policy in Hong KongBolton, KR; Hutton, CM19951,138
Bad Boys and Bad Language: chou hau and the sociolinguistics of swearing in Hong KongBolton, KR; Hutton, CM1998315
Bad boys and bad language: the sociolinguistics of swearwords in Hong Kong CantoneseBolton, KR; Hutton, CM1994158
Bad news and good news: risk and reassurance in telephone- mediated counsellingZayts, O; Sarangi, S201247
Bai Ju Yi and The Northern School of Ch’an Buddhism in the Tang Dynasty: The Test of the Hypothesis of Chen RenkeLai, WY2008218
Bai Juyi and Pure Land BuddhismLai, WY2008145
Bai Juyi and Pure Land BuddhismLai, WY2008119
Bai Xianyong's Taibei RenLai, WY1999111
Bailout hopes could hit Berlin WallAuer, S201215
Bajpai, GirjaRoberts, PM200283
Bajpai, GirjaRoberts, PM200075
A balancing act: developing an EAP course for music studentsWakeland, L201251
Balcony romance: stage distance andclosureLee, Jun-yu, Phoebe.; 李俊妤.2005503
Balinese Gamelan Gong Kebyar - InstrumentsThe University of Hong Kong; Mora, Manolete2004452
The Balinese Gamelan Gong Kebyar - IntroductionThe University of Hong Kong; Mora, Manolete2004583
The Balinese Gamelan Gong Kebyar in the classroom.Mora, M2003113
Bartok's Music for Strings, Percussion and Celesta (in Chinese)Chan, JKB1997125
Bartók as ethnomusicologist and composer: folk music and art music influences on his musical languagePanyaniti, Rawin.1998373
Baruch, Bernard Mannes (1870-1965)Roberts, PM200380
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