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9/11 As Diplomatic Milestone and turning PointRoberts, PM2009169
9/11 As Diplomatic Milestone and Turning Point'Roberts, PM2007120
A 4-year-old-girl's experience of learning French in Hong Kong : a case studyDennehy, John Anthony20133,889
A bibliographical study of collected works by individual authors of the T'ang DynastyChan, Ping-leung; 陳炳良1962948
A brief discussion of the problems confronting Hong Kong primary school students in learning Putonghua and the remedialmeasuresHo, Kit-ching; 何潔貞2008558
A case study of child-directed speech (CDS): a Cantonese child living in AustraliaWong, Shuk-wai, Connie Waikiki; 黃淑慧2006274
A case study of communicative language teaching in two Chinese medium of instruction secondary schools in Hong KongLee, Kam-cheung, Francis.; 李淦章.2000707
A case study of Primary 5 students' perceptions of the inductive approach and deductive approach in vocabulary teaching through the useof theme-based readersHo, Chun-yue.; 何臻愉2009557
A case study of teachers' and students' perception of mixed-code teaching in the F1 English classes of a Hong Kong (CMI) secondaryschoolLeung, Shuk-fong.; 梁淑芳2008374
A case study of the effect of second language drama teaching on learning motivation in high and low achieving classes in Hong KongLam, Chor-jing, Ana.; 林楚晶2009720
A case study of the home language experience of students of the Singapore international school in Hong KongCheng, May-ling.; 張美玲.2001243
A case study of the impact of using online blogs for peer feedback in a class of form two students in Hong KongSun, K. Y., Ivy.; 孫景欣.2006375
A case study of the implementation of autonomous learning in English and Chinese language studies in a local private secondary schoolMok, Kwan-tei, Monica.; 莫群弟.2005552
A case Study on Hong Kong secondary school students' ability to read and write simplified Chinese charactersWong, Lai-wing; 王麗榮2008487
A class of local secondary four student's learning attitudes and perceptions towards the school-based assessment in the Hong KongCertificate of Education Examination English syllabusLam, Y. W., Hazel.; 林若穎.2006498
A cognitive-functional investigation of questions in ChineseGao, Hua; 高華2005436
A communitarian theory of press freedomTo, Yiu-ming.; 杜耀明20021,136
A comparative analysis of political opposition in Taiwan andSingaporeYoong, Chi-fei, Benjamin.; 翁志輝.1990236
A comparative analysis of the phonetics of Hong Kong Cantonese and Guangzhou CantoneseWu, Wing-li.; 胡永利.2006458
A comparative investigation of attitudes towards Taboo Language in English and CantoneseTsang, Yuet-ling.; 曾月玲20051,556
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