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Chinese fiction of the Cultural RevolutionYang, Lan1998347
Chinese ideas about nature and society : studies in honour of Derk BoddeLe Blanc, Charles; Blader, Susan, 1943-1987367
The city as a centre of change in AsiaDwyer, D. J. (Denis John)1972417
A clinical atlas of Chinese infantsLi, Anita M. C; Yeung, Chap-yung1996260
Clinical communication skillsFielding, Richard1995330
Communication disorders : an introduction for community-based rehabilitation workersClezy, Gillian1996374
Community problems and social work in Southeast Asia : the Hong Kong and Singapore experienceHodge, Peter1980566
The complete preparation for childbirth : a self-help manual for expectant parentsMorton, Janice1989171
Confucianism and Christianity : the first encounterYoung, John D1983411
Constancy of purpose : an account of the foundation and history of the Hong Kong College of Medicine and the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Hong Kong, 1887-1987Evans, Dafydd Meurig Emrys, 1938-1987267
Coping in crisisYoung, Katherine P. H1983311
The corals of Hong KongScott, P. J. B. (Paula Janice B.)1984372
Current concepts in parasitologyKo, Chun-chung, Ronald1989231
Current trends in comparative endocrinology : proceedings of the ninth International Symposium on Comparative Endocrinology, Hong Kong, 7-11 December 1981International Symposium on Comparative Endocrinology (9th : 1981 : Hong Kong); International Symposium on Comparative Endocrinology (9th : 1981 : Hong Kong); Lofts, B; Holmes, William Neil, 1927-; Lofts, B; Holmes, William Neil, 1927-1985348
Directions in self-access language learningGardner, David; Miller, Lindsay1994422
Dispersal and renewal : Hong Kong University during the war yearsMatthews, Clifford; Cheung, Oswald1998254
Drugs, law and the stateTraver, Harold; Gaylord, Mark S1992226
Early Chinese work in natural science : a re-examination of the physics of motion, acoustics, astronomy and scientific thoughtsChen, Cheng-Yih1995563
An East India company cemetery : protestant burials in MacaoRide, Lindsay, Sir, 1898-1977; Ride, May; Mellor, Bernard1996413
Economic development in Chinese societies : models and experiencesJao, Yü-ching; Mok, Oi, Victor; Ho, Lok-sang1989269
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