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Nonparametric maximum likelihood approach to multiple change-point problems102
Continual reassessment methods52
STEIN: A simple toxicity and efficacy interval design for seamless phase I/II clinical trials37
Bayesian mixture models for complex high dimensional count data in phage display experiments115
Bayesian transformation hazard models74
Quantile regression models with multivariate failure time data95
Dynamic portfolio choice without cash18
Bayesian dose-finding in phase I/II clinical trials using toxicity and efficacy odds ratios95
ErbB2 increases vascular endothelial growth factor protein synthesis via activation of mammalian target of rapamycin/p70S6K leading to increased angiogenesis and spontaneous metastasis of human breast cancer cells180
Adaptive design and estimation in randomized clinical trials with correlated observations167
Efficiency improvement in a class of survival models through model-free covariate incorporation82
Power computation for hypothesis testing with high-dimensional covariance matrices65
Caplacizumab for Acquired Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura15
Comments on ‘Competing designs for drug combination in phase I dose-finding clinical trials’ by M-K. Riviere, F. Dubois, and S. Zohar51
Bootstrap aggregating continual reassessment method for dose finding in drug-combination trials50
Uniformly most powerful Bayesian interval design for phase I dose-finding trials17
Comparison of ductal lavage and random periareolar fine needle aspiration as tissue acquisition methods in early breast cancer prevention trials105
Bayesian cure rate model accommodating multiplicative and additive covariates75
Censored quantile regression with varying coefficients100
Phase III randomized trial of dose intensive neoadjuvant chemotherapy with or without G-CSF in locally advanced breast cancer: Long-term results94
Bayesian phase II adaptive randomization by jointly modeling time-to-event efficacy and binary toxicity115
Bayesian Model Selection Approach to Multiple Change-Points Detection with Non-Local Prior Distributions15
Correlation of cytologic findings and chromosomal instability detected by fluorescence in situ hybridization in breast fine-needle aspiration specimens from women at high risk for breast cancer97
Convergence rates of the blocked Gibbs sampler with random scan in the Wasserstein metric13
Bayesian generalized method of moments52
Conditional quantile screening in ultrahigh-dimensional heterogeneous data88
Marginal analysis of correlated failure time data with informative cluster sizes127
Statistical Methods in Clinical Trial Design44
Combined-modality treatment for isolated recurrences of breast carcinoma: Update on 30 years of experience at the University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center and assessment of prognostic factors102
Bayesian dose finding in oncology for drug combinations by copula regression: Authors' response64
Bayesian dose finding in oncology for drug combinations by copula regression93
Bayes factor and posterior probability: Complementary statistical evidence to p-value53
Bayesian model selection approach to boundary detection with non-local priors52
Phase I study of capecitabine in combination with temozolomide in the treatment of patients with brain metastases from breast carcinoma106
Bayesian approach for adaptive design99
Boosting conditional logit model72
Cure rate model with mismeasured covariates under transformation92
A semiparametric regression model for oligonucleotide arrays68
Varying-association copula models for multivariate survival data17
Multiple imputation for cure rate quantile regression with censored data45
Functional Censored Quantile Regression10
Bayesian Data Augmentation Dose Finding with Continual Reassessment Method and Delayed Toxicity64
Phase I trial design for drug combinations with Bayesian model averaging51
Bayesian adaptive randomization and trial monitoring with predictive probability for time-to-event endpoint49
Fast and Stable Maximum Likelihood Estimation for Incomplete Multinomial Models4
Cure Rate Quantile Regression for Censored Data With a Survival Fraction71
Landmark cure rate models with time-dependent covariates42
Change-point detection in multinomial data with a large number of categories92
Bayesian model averaging continual reassessment method in phase I clinical trials103
Power-transformed linear quantile regression with censored data90
A latent contingency table approach to dose finding for combinations of two agents88
Detecting Overall Survival Benefit Derived From Survival Postprogression Rather Than Progression-Free Survival52
Statistical Design and Analysis in Clinical Trials (in Chinese)14
Bayesian two-stage dose finding for cytostatic agents via model adaptation38
HER family receptor abnormalities in lung cancer brain metastases and corresponding primary tumors86
Bayesian two-step Lasso strategy for biomarker selection in personalized medicine development for time-to-event endpoints38
Generalized method of moments for additive hazards model with clustered dental survival data50
Methylation of the candidate biomarker TCF21 is very frequent across a spectrum of early-stage nonsmall cell lung cancers231
Entropy and survival-based weights to combine Affymetrix array types and analyze differential expression and survival98
Clinical Trial Design: Bayesian and Frequentist Adaptive Methods155
Generalized method of moments estimation for linear regression with clustered failure time data100
Bayesian dose finding by jointly modelling toxicity and efficacy as time-to-event outcomes100
Cure rate models: A unified approach75
Inference for a class of transformed hazards models67
A general class of Bayesian survival models with zero and nonzero cure fractions73
Glutathione-s-transferase-pi expression in early breast cancer: Association with outcome and response to chemotherapy99
Bayesian optimal interval design for dose finding in drug-combination trials143
Sex determining region Y-box 2 (SOX2) is a potential cell-lineage gene highly expressed in the pathogenesis of squamous cell carcinomas of the lung119
Bayesian quantile regression for longitudinal studies with nonignorable missing data107
Partitioned log-rank tests for the overall homogeneity of hazard rate functions63
Upregulation and activation of PKCα by ErbB2 through Src promotes breast cancer cell invasion that can be blocked by combined treatment with PKCα and Src inhibitors178
Maximum likelihood estimation for the proportional odds model with random effects105
Efficient algorithm for computing maximum likelihood estimates in linear transformation models72
Worth adapting? Revisiting the usefulness of outcome-adaptive randomization74
Censored quantile regression with covariate measurement errors127
Sequential continual reassessment method for two-dimensional dose finding.67
Cure rate quantile regression accommodating both finite and infinite survival times25
Inter-Ethnic/Racial Facial Variations: A Systematic Review and Bayesian Meta-Analysis of Photogrammetric Studies96
Semiparametric transformation models for survival data with a cure fraction144
Least squares estimation of varying-coefficient hazard regression with application to breast cancer dose-intensity data100
Robust EM continual reassessment method in oncology dose finding78
Bayesian goodness-of-fit test for censored data110
Root canal filled versus non-root canal filled teeth: A retrospective comparison of survival times99
Non-parametric overdose control for dose finding in drug combination trials14
Self-designing trial combined with classical group sequential monitoring143
Sieve maximum likelihood estimation for a general class of accelerated hazards models with bundled parameters114
Two-stage adaptive randomization for delayed response in clinical trials71
Quantile inference with multivariate failure time data91
Sample Size Re-Estimation in Adaptively Randomized Clinical Trials with Missing Data70
Bayesian two-stage design for phase II clinical trials with switching hypothesis tests58
A class of Bayesian shared gamma frailty models with multivariate failure time data92
Stochastic generalized method of moments74
Bayesian Dose Finding for Combined Drugs with Discrete and Continuous Doses60
Maximum likelihood estimation for incomplete multinomial data via the weaver algorithm86
Two-stage seamless transition design from open-label single-arm to randomized double-arm clinical trials53
Erratum: Partially linear additive hazards regression with varying coefficients (Journal ofthe American Statistical Association (2008) (1200-1213))80
Dose-response curve estimation: A semiparametric mixture approach70
Bayesian hybrid dose-finding design in phase I oncology clinical trials92
Ensemble approaches to estimating the population mean with missing response26
Fast Algorithm for Generalized Multinomial Models with Ranking Data4
Outlier detection for high-dimensional data96
Robust optimal interval design for high-dimensional dose finding in multi-agent combination trials36
Overview of adaptive randomization44
Pearson-type goodness-of-fit test with bootstrap maximum likelihood estimation50
Variations in facial measurements: hierarchical Bayesian analyses of photogrammetric studies74
Additive hazards model with multivariate failure time data90
Bayesian enhancement two-stage design for single-arm phase II clinical trials with binary and time-to-event endpoints34
Smoothed and Corrected Score Approach to Censored Quantile Regression with Measurement Errors52
Censored cumulative residual independent screening for ultrahigh-dimensional survival data54
Fast and Stable Maximum Likelihood Estimation for Incomplete Multinomial Models4
Bayesian frailty models based on box-cox transformed hazards84
Testing overall and subpopulation treatment effects with measurement errors51
Semiparametric median residual life model and inference86
Partially linear additive hazards regression with varying coefficients116
On the usefulness of outcome-adaptive randomization62
Kernel-based adaptive randomization toward balance in continuous and discrete covariates56
Radical Surgery or Watchful Waiting in Prostate Cancer10
Phase 3 study comparing the use of docetaxel on an every-3-week versus weekly schedule in the treatment of metastatic breast cancer112
Nonparametric overdose control with late-onset toxicity in phase I clinical trials61
Bayesian transformation cure frailty models with multivariate failure time data.65
Bayesian dose finding in phase I clinical trials based on a new statistical framework70
Pair chart test for an early survival difference72
Fractional dose-finding methods with late-onset toxicity in phase I clinical trials87
Bayesian phase I/II adaptively randomized oncology trials with combined drugs75
Interleukin-11 receptor is a candidate target for ligand-directed therapy in lung cancer: analysis of clinical samples and BMTP-11 pre-clinical activity41
Bayesian semiparametric cure rate model with an unknown threshold66
Bayesian generalized method of moments72
Novel clinical trial designs for treatment of ductal carcinoma in situ of the breast with trastuzumab (herceptin)123
Two-stage dose finding for cytostatic agents in phase I oncology trials62
Escalation with overdose control for phase I drug-combination trials57
Two simulation methods for constructing confidence bands under the additive risk model100
Control of Type I Error Rates in Bayesian Sequential Designs14
Bayesian randomized clinical trials: from fixed to adaptive design45
Bayesian cure rate frailty models with application to a root canal therapy study87
Pooling information across different studies and oligonucleotide chip types to identify prognostic genes for lung cancer85
A general transformation class of semiparametric cure rate frailty models90
Phase II trial design with Bayesian adaptive randomization and predictive probability85
Local likelihood with time-varying additive hazards model75
Generalized partially linear single-index model for zero-inflated count data48
Model checking for additive hazards model with multivariate survival data76