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Scripting in landscape assessment: a vegetation density case study78
Do Preferred Landscapes Reduce Stress?60
10', 35', and 90': Multifunctional Landscape in the Compact Manufacturing Plant44
Creating right greenway in the high-density inner city to promote residents' mental health and wellbeing: evidence from a mega-city in China57
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Urban soundscapes: the interactive effect of auditory and visual stimulations on mood146
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A dose of nature: Tree cover, stress reduction, and gender differences97
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From Broken Windows to Perceived Routine Activities: Examining Impacts of Environmental Interventions on Perceived Safety of Urban Alleys70
Research of Landscape Planning and Design Strategies for Promoting Sense of Safety in the University Campus64
Impact of exposure to green spaces and laptop use on students' cognitive functioning97
Cardiovascular Diseases Due to Stress Arisen from Social Risk Factors: A Synopsis and Prospectiveness32
Healthy City, Healthy Landscape: New Perspective and Methods on Urbanization in China17
How to Waste a Break: Using Portable Electronic Devices Substantially Counteracts Attention Enhancement Effects of Green Spaces63
Complexity and mismatch: Comparing perception of acoustic and visual environments in the high-density city112
Research Progress in HKU: Examing the Relationship between Built Environments and Human Health in the Highly Dense City25
Searching Answers for Creating Healthy Living Environment12
Healthy City, Healthy Landscape: Mental Health First72
Revitalizing alleys in high-density cities: how urban and landscape design interventions impact the sense of safety69
A crucial research area in the landscape architecture: Understanding positive impacts of urban nature on mental health and well-being and their implications12
Does density of green infrastructure predict preference?36
Healthy City, Healthy Landscape: Promoting Stress Recovery through Changing Urban Environment126
Identifying environmental factors that have significant impacts on sweatshop workers' stress and anxiety status: A photo-narrative study15
Minimizing The Gender Difference In Perceived Safety: Comparing The Effects Of Urban Back Alley Interventions63
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