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Guardianship of the Elderly with Diminished Capacity: The Chinese Challenge71
Modernising Charity Law in China95
In search of the nature and function of fiduciary loyalty: Some observations on conaglen's analysis137
Fiduciary Duty without Equity: Fiduciary Duties of Directors under the Revised Company Law of the PRC132
The Common Law Lecture Series 2011-201394
Trusts in divorce: recent developments in Hong Kong117
Trust Law in China: A Critical Evaluation of its Conceptual Foundation121
Defining the Content of the Fiduciary Obligation107
The common law lecture series 2005202
Stack v Dowden: a Sequel'211
Contract Law80
Convergence and Divergence in the Worlds of the Trust: Duties and Liabilities of Trustees under the Chinese Trust74
Conceptualizing the Chinese trust180
Relief for Bribes in Equity27
Common Law Lectures 2006-7126
In search of the nature and function of fiduciary loyalty of company directors: Some observations on Conaglen’s analysis101
The Corporatisation of Trust: a Re-assessment of the Duties of the Trustee18
The Adult Guardianship Dilemma in Hong Kong17
Reluctant Bedfellows: Want of Authority and Knowing Receipt400
Protecting ring-fenced assets against incompetence of the asset manager46
Stripping the gains of wrongful fiduciaries: let a hundred flowers bloom?143
Creating, managing and terminating the management relationship33
Adult guardianship law in China: traditional values and modern developments67
Reception of the Trust in Asia: A Historical Perspective64
Case studies: hypothetical scenarios: Hong Kong sections41
Fiduciary Duty without Equity: 'Fiduciary Duties' of Directors under the Revised Company Law of the PRC'151
Correcting Mistakes in Trust Planning: A Comparative Post-Pitt Analysis71
Trusts in Hong Kong: History, Practice, and Theory14
Reforming Enduring Powers and Launching a Special Needs Trust in Hong Kong21
The Vulnerability of Trusts in Divorce49
Reparative Compensation for Deliberate Breaches of Trust141
The Common Law Lecture Series 2008-200959
The Common Law Lecture Series 2010144
Disgorgement of unauthorised fiduciary gains: An exercise in causation?120
Facilitation vs Regulation: Overview of the Framework Governing Charities in Hong Kong'104
Charity without Politics? Examining the Limits of ‘Politics’ in the Law of Charity212
Adult Guardianship Law in China: Traditional Values and Modern International Developments197
Protecting ring-fenced assets against disloyalty of the asset manager39
The Beneficiaries' Right to Elect Remedies for Misapplied Funds Notes158
The common law lecture series 2006-2007111
Advocating public advocacy: an opportunity for charities in Hong Kong?190
Special Needs Financial Planning: A Comparative Perspective56
Trust Law in Asian Civil Law Jurisdictions: A Comparative Analysis115
The Emergence of Social Enterprises in China: The Quest for Space and Legitimacy56
Charity without Politics? Exploring the Limits of ‘Politics’ in Charity Law107
Restraining ex-employees: conflicting policy considerations and the proper scope of Bolkiah40
Emerging principles of Asian trust law60
The Evolution of the Modern International Trust: Developments and Challenges20
Case studies: hypothetical scenarios: China sections58
Governance and Reform of Charitable Fundraising in Hong Kong (in Chinese)35
Overview of the Framework Governing Charities in Hong Kong76
Substitutive Compensation for Breach of Trust: An Irrelevant Fairy Tale101
'Disclosure of Letters of Wishes in Family Settlements: Breakspear v Ackland'179
Trusts in Hong Kong: Historical Application and Current Practice8
Disputes over Family Homes Owned through Companies: Constructive Trust or Promissory Estoppel?150
Convergence and divergence in the Worlds of the Trust: duties and liabilities of trustees under the Chinese Trust110
Modernizing Charity Law in China120
Dishonesty and Bad Faith after Barlow Clowes: Abou-Rahmah v Abacha'231
Causation and Breach of Fiduciary Duty'143
Introducing the special needs trust to Hong Kong120
Exclusion of Duty and the Irreducible Core Content of Trusteeship7
Causation and Breach of Fiduciary Duty111
Reform of Charity Law in Hong Kong: Perception versus Reality?25
The Use of the Trust in Adult Guardianship in China: Prospects and Challenges63
The Use of the Trust in Adult Guardianship in China32
Theorizing Adult Guardianship Laws: Chinese and International Perspectives25
Overview of the trust law regime in Hong Kong: a time for change51
Conceptualizing the Chinese Trust181
Recent trends in equity and trusts law in Hong Kong: a review of notable developments in 2013118
Establishing factual and legal causation in a fiduciary's liability to account for profits138
'Rethinking the Content of the Fiduciary Obligation'307