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Enslavement or self-assertion: Xunzi's understanding of a flourishing life66
The Relations of Australian Chinese and White Australians in Sydney in the Early 20th Century40
A study of poetry exchanges between China and South Korea in the Ming Dynasty47
Foreign echoes and discerning the soil: Translation, Chineseness, and World Literature in Chinese Poetry77
Fang Zhongtong’s (1634-1698) view on Calculations and Measure and Geometric-Quardant Surveying28
A critical study on the phonological history of Peking Opera64
Marine surveying of ‎Japanese Navy along the Coast of Pearl River Delta of Guangdong Province in the late 19th Century24
An Investigation into 15th-16th Century Maritime Sources of Indian Ocean and Islamic Navigational Instruments31
Huangming Zuxun: The Clan Rule of Ming Taizu57
A tiny dot costs much: on Joshua Marshman's Missreading of 'Tan'29
An examination of Chinese and Korean Courtly Astronomical and Astrological Books: with special references to Tianyuan Yuli Xiangyi Fu (Essay on the Astronomical and Meteorological Presages) by Emperor Renzong of Ming Dynasty and Jaeigo (Investigation of Disastrous Vsitations and Prodigies) by Kwansanggam (Royal Board of Astronomy) of Yi Dynasty157
Urbanization, individualism, and the circulation of pornography in the late Ming period59
On The Cultural Circle Of The Greater China52
On the Teaching of Song History44
Reflection on Teaching of Ancient Chinese History in the Twenty-first century Hong Kong56
Yu Shinan's Diwang Luelun67
Between the Lord of Heaven and ancestors: hybridization of Catholic and Confucian rituals in Late Imperial China87
Xu Guanqi (1562-1633) and Western Star-dial60
The Impact of the Zhu-Wang School on the Shijing Scholarship of the Ming Period36
Hong Kong paleographic studies in the past thirty years31
The transmission of the studies on Western fortress and fortification in East Asia: with special reference to Ding Richang’s (1823-1882) Xi fa pao tai tu shuo and Otori Keisuke’s (1832-1911) Chikujo tenkei (1864)61
On Color Terms in Shijing42
Disputing Confucius' views on the moral character of Shijing35
Daily Life as Seen in Su Dongpo's Poetry, as Compared to Poetry by Tao Qian and Bai Juyi73
Study of the thought on ‘heqin’ in Song China - Inspirations from LiangSong min xian xiaoji44
Examples of LvFu of examinations in the Korean dynasty51
From Emperor Chongzhen to Emperor Kangxi: The Courts of Ming and Qing Dynasties and Western Science114
The Study of Stars-and-Calendar and Instrument Making by Classicists in Eastern Han12
Late Ming representations of Wanton Women in Huang Fangyin’s Short Plays63
Chinese as a Foreign Language Courses (In English)11
The Annotations of Some Words in Song Poetry44
Chinese Language Protestant Missionary Works published in Hong Kong in the 1840s-1870s: with reference to the Chinese Collections of the U.S. Library of Congress19
Insights Into The Studies Of The Phonology Of Beijing Opera30
Southward transmission of academic study from the North and The University of Hong Kong46
Curriculum design in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language at HKU38
Art and Solidarity of the Wuming Group31
From Bianjing to Beijing: A History of Science Journey in Cartographical Prints and Instruments23
From Zhang Heng (78-139) to Shen Kuo (1031-1095): With Special Reference to the Concept of 'Imagery and Numerology' (xiangshu象數)51
Wuxing Cosmology and the Transformation of Political Culture in Early China41
The Gushibian Interpretation of the Shijing: A Critical Study168
Western Interest in the Early Qing Court31
晚清西學傳播的橋樑: 鄺其照(1836?-1902?)《華英字典集成》及「鄺氏教育系列」初探99
The Task of the Hard Translator: Foreignization and Class Struggle in Walter Benjamin and/or Lu Xun77
A note on Jingjie Rumen41
On First-year Chinese Teaching in Hong Kong Tertiary Institutions43
An attempt to adapt Traditional Chinese Scholarship to modern American practice: the US Library of Congress’s Classification Scheme for old-style Chinese books, 1910s-1940s31
The Study of Chongzhen lishu and Related Works by Japanese Calendrical-Mathematicians in the Seventeenth and the Eighteenth Centuries9
Japanese spying and collecting intelligence on Chinese Navy before Sino-Japanese War: with special references to the Joint Naval Maneuver of Chinese Beiyang, Nanyang and Guangdong Fleets in 1890 and the compilation of Shinkoku gunkan hyo (Directory of Battleships of Qing China) by Japanese Navy in 189064
The Great Wall and the Limited Monarchy of the Han Dynasty57
Comments on the Language Use in Works by Hong Kong Writers43
Sancaifu in Relation to the Commoner Plays of Qing Dynasty Suzhou12
The co-existence of two styles of functional Chinese32
On the terminology of Zhuanzhu52
From Indigenous Resistance to Transnational Cultural Capital: Chinese Martial Arts in Transformation42
Supplements to Xu Guangqi' s Works: With Special Reference to 1611 Edition of Ji he yuan ben preserved in The Library of Congress, U.S.A. and Xu Guangqi Chongzhen Mouchen liyuan yong xinggui fa (Method Using [Western] Star-dial in accordance with the [Cal71
Liaohai Danzhonglu and the historical role of Mao Wenlong53
Urban Commoners’ Pornographic Fiction and Prints in the Late Ming and Early Qing Period13
Reading Tang Poems as Classical Chinese Poems7
Between Heaven and Earth: Cosmology and Emperorship in Han China30
The King of Huainan and Dong Zhongshu: Philosophical Divergence and Political Tension in the Han Dynasty68
National Politics and the Traveler in the Nineteenth Century: A Survey and Examination of Bayard Taylor's Imperialistic Perception of China52
The Authenticity of the Huajing51
On the pronunciations of the 2nd edition of Hanyu Da Zidian27
On Gods worship towards Guan Yu in ancient Korea61
Zhenguan Zhengyao and Sanchao Baoxun: Inheritance and Exploration of Teaching Materials for Emperorship Learning during the Period of Tang and Song Dynasties72
A Tentative Criterion for the 'Incorporation' of Dialectal Expressions in Modern Chinese67
Time Consciousness Spring of the Poetry of Ya Xuan39
The University of Hong Kong and the studies of Confucian Classics in Hong Kong: inspirations from its teaching curriculum of Confucian Classics during the first thirty years since its establishment23
Shangshu and the Modern Western Civilization54
Instruments and Meteorology in Newchwang (Yingkou), Hong Kong and Dairen (Dalian), 1870-19458
The Intellectual Inheritance of Gong Zizhen as revealed i nthe Renhe Gongshi Jiapu51
From Chen Jinmo (1600?-1692?) To Robert Morrison (1782-1834) and William Gamble (1830-1886)53
Ideology of the configuration of the Chinese Culture Website62
Birthday essays for mothers in the Ming Dynasty34
Changing foreign letters into Chinese: Gury and Russian Orthodox translation of the Bible in Qing China69
E.J.Eitel and his fellow translators63
The Research of Physics at Taihoku Imperial University (1928-1936)12
A discussion on Emperor Miing Xuanzong's policies towards Mongolian tribes along 'the Great Wall Belt'52
Confucianism milestones and distinguishing development in historical periods86
Race and Relation: The Global 60s in the South of the South46
Behind the scene: a showcase of the workflow on an adjunct model of Chinese Enhancement Course66
Definite discourse-new reference in L1 and L2: The case of L2 Mandarin40
Neishutang' and Eunuch Education in Ming Dynasty63
A discussion on the explanations of 'bu' and 'wu' in Shijing commentaries54
Indirect treatment of the Ding: the phenomenon of misreading "imagism" in American Translations of Chinese Poetry23
Odes in the Xunzi and their Ethical Thought60
Emperor Kangxi and Western Surveying Instruments: With Special References to circle or circumferentor (cercle entier) and semi-circle or graphometer (demi cercle)34
A Crytical Analysis On The Content And Methodology Of Phonological Studies Of Chinese Opera 57
The Academic Leader of a Generation: The impact of Song Lian on the Joseon Dynasty47
Jesuit Colleges and the Transmission of Scientific Knowledge in the Sixteenth Century: With Special References to “Modus Parisiensis” and Ratio Studiorum9
Theatre Culture and the Conflation of Chang and You in Late Nineteenth Century Beijing60
Shaping Corporate Image by News Release at Company's Website26
A Song Almanac and its possible connection with Greek Astrology96
Incorporating Chinese Culture into Chinese Language35
Sharpening the historical image of the Song Dynasty: Inspirations from John King Fairbank’s China : A New History79
In search of virtuous prime ministers of the Song Dynasty: Inspirations from Xiang Jian18
Problems of phrasing and interpretation in Wang Yun's (1784-1854) exegesis of the Shuowen75
Reproducing the glamour: lives of members of the Hall of Changes who retired from public life to Cui Wei Shan21
The Zitan Wood Rudderstock of 1412: Seafaring, Shipbuilding and the East Asian Maritime World25
Interpreting and rethinking the New Secondary School Chinese History Curriculum9
A survey on court interpreters’ use of direct and reported speech in court interpreting37
The Principles in Setting Data-based Questions34
Grammar and Translation82
A History of Learning Calendrical Studies in Beijing by Korean Calendrical-Mathematical Officials in the Fourteenth to the Eighteenth Centuries: With Special References to Calendrical Calculation and the Making of Astronomical Instruments13
A Study of Conflict between early Australian-Chinese newspapers in Sydney57
The Son of Heaven Has No Brothers: The Inner and Outer Configuration of Han Emperorship34
Wang Guowei's application of archaic Chinese phonology46
Can computer-naive Language Teachers build flexible and interactive components for Language courses: a case study38
The Best Words in their Best Order? Translation and the Idea of Poetry in Modern China61
On the teaching of classical Chinese47
Studies of localism in Hong Kong literature through different perspectives177
宋代的「中国与世界」: 〈古今华夷区域总要图〉的启示143
The Marvel of Formlessness: Dialogic Exchanges on the Soul among Jesuit Missionaries and Confucian Scholars in Late Ming Fujian29
Annotating the Aporias of History: 'The International Style,' Modernism, and World Literature in the Poetry of Xi Chuan 西川70
Students' publications of Hong Kong Christain Secondary School in the period 1919-1930: A case study of Ying Wa Student and The Ying Wa Echo86
The evolvement of Chinese Characters: a case study of Hongwu Zhengyun, Kaigxi Zidian and Zhonghua Dazidian66
Women’s Writings in the Salt Culture of Yangzhou: Wang Ying (1781-1842)’s Networks13
From Collegio Romano of Society of Jesus to Office of Calendar of Astronomical Bureau in Chongzhen Reign Period: With Special References to Christopher Clavius, Michele Ruggieri, Matteo Ricci, Schreck Johann Terrenz and Jacobus Rho27
The Development of Chinese Language Education in Hong Kong After 199744
The names of plants in James Legge's Translation of Shijing5
Rednaxela Terrace: Hong Kong as Topos of Translation8
Inheritance of ancestral worship and/or properties the application of the classical Chinese Language in the case of Liu Ying Lan35
Who is speaking? – The use of reported speech in court interpreting58
Urban Commoners and the Pornographic Imaginary in the Early Qing119
To Know and Worship the True God: Pantoja and the Emergence of Catholic Theology in Late Ming China8
A New Interpretation of the Last Paragraph of Cao Pi's Dian Lun Lun Wen92
Examinations and talents: Experience in Ming China12
The Ambiguity and the Teaching of Chinese Language52
‎法國奧斯定會士山遙瞻 (Guillaume Bonjour, 1670-1714) 與清代康熙年間的 天文大地測量79
An emendation to the 2nd edition of Hanyu Da Zidian69
The Many Faces of Our Lady: Early Chinese Texts and Images of the Virgin Mary50
Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century French Scientific Instruments Makers and Astronomical Geodetic Survey of the Kangxi Reign Period: With Special References to Nicolas Bion’s (1652-1733) Traité de la construction et des principaux usages des instrumens de mathematique (1709) and Chapotots’ Surveying Instruments preserved in the Qing Court86
Translating Feminism in the Age of Globalization42
A discussion of reduplicative words in the Zhou Song based on new evidence from the Zhou bronze inscriptions62
Mapping Kaga no Kuni in Eighteenth-and-Nineteenth Century Japan6
Huang Baijia’s (1643-1709) Life and Works: with special reference to the histoical significance of his draft treatise on Calendar of Ming History46
The Use of Color Words in the Chinese Blogs of Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan (In Chinese)50
Cosmopolitanism Among Empires31
A study of the textual example "yong hu bao" in the Huang State's bronze inscriptions of the Autumn and Spring Period28
Fox in the Chinese Miscellaneous Notes of the Tang-Song Period (618-1279)25
A Study of Chen Zhanquans Shi Poetry66
Qing Imperial Treasure in Britain: Ming Jesuits Emmanuel Diaz and Niccolo Longobardi's Terrestrial Globe50
Postgraduate Education and research on modern Chinese literature in Hong Kong17
Questions of power and ideology in an interpreting and translating event29
Aquatic food of Bianjing in Northern Song China19
The teaching and study of Shijing41
Indirect Treatment of the Ding: The Phenomenon of Misreading 'Imagism' in American Translations of Chinese Poetry25
The transmission of Copernican Heliocentrism during the Reigns of Emperors Kangxi and Qianlong35
Mapping the Universe: Two Planispheric Astrolabes in the Early Qing Court49
Matteo Ricci's Computational Researches into Johannes Regiomontanus' Epitome in Almagestum Ptolomei : Some Reflections51
Islamic Science during the Yuan and the Ming17
On the studies of Wang Yun49
Information technology and professional Putonghua teaching29
Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century European Scientific Instruments Makers and the making of Astronomical Instruments at the Qing Court37
On the four-layered structure of classical Chinese Poetry54
Sancaifu: A Re-Discovered Mid-Qing Opera in Suzhou Dialect18
The meaning left out in the entry of '監視' in Hanyu da cidian35
Reflections on Problem-based Learning24
The Design of the CD-ROM of Classroom Putonghua49
East-West Cultural Differences as Reflected in Bernhard Karlgren's Translation of the Book of Documents55
Notes on the rhymes of the Jin Gong bronze inscription35
Mapping East Asia: Transmission of Western Surveying in China, Japan and Korea (1580-1830)11
Darling Buds of Ming: Three Sisters in Early Seventeenth-Century China58
A Study on M.E.P. and Catholic Vernacular Literature in Mid-Qing China19
From Western Terrestrial Globe of Ming Tianqi to Western Surveying Instruments of Qing Kangxi48
On Scholars’ Interpretations of “Chunqiu Mingzi Jiegu (part 1)” in Wang Yinzhi’s Jingyi Shuwen32
The Connotation of Gourd in the Book of Songs18
A study of Shangshui exegesis based on new sources from bronze inscriptions35
The Marāghah Observatory and Illustrated Books on Islamic Scientific Instruments in Yuan and Ming20
Nerve' and its Chinese Translation45
論清高宗貶抑錢謙益策略之成效: 以方志所見為中心的考察28
How to use Digital Humanities tools to analyze text? A brief introduction of the application of the semi-automatic tagging platform MARKUS30
Utopian and feminism: a study of the research on Jing Hua Yuan within the last forty years46
Literary Production, Social Bonding, and Women Writers in Yangzhou: Re-Contextualizing Dream of Pear Blossoms (1847)38
Mencius and Contemporary Literary Theory of the West45
The Development of Western Surveying in the Early Qing Period: with Special Reference to Chen Xu (1650-1732) and his Gougu shu46
Jesuit Colleges and Jesuit Science15
A further eExaminatioon of Karlgren's Grammata Serica Recensa45
The concept of sincerity in Xunzi's Thought45
The Transmission of Georg von Peurbach's Theoricae novae planetarum (New Theory of the Planets) in 16 th and 17th Century China64
Power and participant roles in the bilingual Hong Kong courtroom44
From Islamic Terrestrial Globe of Mongol Yuan to Western Terrestrial Globe of Ming Tianqi31
Cultural Factors In Promoting Language Learning: Experience Sharing In Teaching Cantonese Course28
Studies of Confucian Classics in Hong Kong during the Republican period: Inspirations from Chen Botao’s Xiaojing shuo50
On the design and implementation of the Chinese Enhancement Programme in University of Hong Kong49
A Multi-Functional Venue for China-West Contacts: The Canton (Guangzhou) Buddhist Temple Haichuang from the Late 18th to the Mid-19th Centuries40
On the Noun + Shi + Verb Structure in the Book of Songs44
The qualifiers 'yan' and 'fan' used in self-naming of the Zhou bronze inscriptions28
竹帛《五行》與《荀子》: 道德修養的比較22
Two Visions of Confucianism: Mencius and Xunzi38
The phrase 'jia yi yi wo' in the 'Wei tian zhi ning' poem and its new evidence in bronze inscriptions56
Waiting, Belatedness, Imitation24
Two Research Cases concerning Confucian Education in Early 20th Century ‎Hong Kong: [1] Sir Charles Norton Edgumbe Eliot (1862-1931) and His ‎Promotion of Chinese Education at the University of Hong Kong; [2] Hsu ‎Ti-Shan (1893-1941) and His Origins of the Various Classics (Unpublished ‎Lecture Notes at the University of Hong Kong)130
Prosopographical Survey of Lecturers at the Directorate School in Early Northern Song China (960-1050)67
Zhi in paleographic sources and its related scripts29
The conflation of performance, entertainment and prostitution in traditional Chinese society: a case study on the structure and operation of actor’s 'private apartment', troupe, and the theatre culture in late nineteenth century Beijing46
What should be taught in First-year Chinese42
The Trasnlation of Scientific Chinese in the Ming-Qing Period: Some Reflections37
Cognitive Theory in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language23
The truth of the unjust death of Yue Fei66
Emperors' thoughts on frontier and boundaries of the Northern Song Dynasty: Inspirations from the legend of the‘Brandished the Jade Axe’94
Issues on proofreading of the Dunhuang manuscript of Kongzi Jiayu27
Folk adage in the BIJI of Tang Dynasty110
The sentence-final particle sia in a corpus of Colloquial Singapore English text message data117
The dissemination of traditional Chinese drama in the West44
Teaching Chinese As a Foreign Language in Hong Kong53
Animal Words in the Book of Songs65
On the interaction and synthesis of historical and social scientific studies51
The Research Subject of Chinese Intellectual History and Its Possibilities Towards the 21st Century45
The development of Higher Engineering Education in Modern China (1905-1911): with special reference to the Establishment of Faculty of Engineering of the University of Hong Kong48
The Buddhist Poems of Liu Zong-Yuan50
On Hong Kong-published Three Hundred Regulated Rhymed-Prose31
The Openness and Ending: A Study of Hong Kong's Poems79
On Chen Jinmo's (1600?-1688?) Western Learning during the Ming and Qing Transition)37
Vernacular Sentimentalism: Narrating Love in Postwar Taiwan and Hong Kong: Taking Wang Lan and Xu Su as Examples17
A Study on Fangyan Characters and their Standardization in Hong Kong37
The Flaws of Han Yu's Prose42
Strategies and Applied Skills Needed for Teaching Cantonese to Non-Chinese Speaking Students (教授非華語學生廣東話的教學策略和技巧) for Student Support Programs (SSP) on Chinese Language for Non-Chinese Speaking students (08-09非華語學生中文學習支援計劃)21
William Gamble (1830-1886) and Presbyterian Mission Press at Shanghai97
An insider’s look at the politics of reviewing translations57
Judicial intervention in witness examination and its implications for the administration of justice in an interpreter-mediated trial39
Poetic Critique in related to Political Characteristics: Wang Ting Jian4
Western learning and translation business in early 20th century Hubei Province: an investigation of the Wuchang Foreign Translation Series48
The Son of God Who Also Speaks Chinese: Biography of Jesus in 19th-Century China78
The appropriations of Lu Xun in Taiwan in Colonial and Early Post-war Periods132
From 16th Century Portuguese Maritime Maps and Books to Matteo Ricci’s Kunyu wanguo quantu坤輿萬國全圖 (Matteo Ricci’s World Map): With Special Reference to Surveying Instruments41
On Fundamental Writings and Professional Writings52
A Study on the Effectiveness of Language Teaching50
Dialogues over Decades: Translation and Tradition in the Poetry of Xi Chuan & Ouyang Jianghe34
Perceptions of the interrelationship between China and the world from the Song Dynasty to the Ming Dynasty: inspirations from the Huang Ming Zu Xun59
Yeung Yi Poetry: A Perspective from Song Politics Theory4
On Dong Zhongshu's (179 B.C. - 104 B.C.) Study of the Chun Qiu (Spring and Autumn Annals)68
The Man, the Mission, the Collection: William Gamble (1830-­1886) and the American Presbyterian Mission in late 19th century China36
Xunzi’s Confucian Constructivism: An Intial Sketch20
Body and space: a comparative study of Ouyang Xiu and Li Qingzhao's Ci poetry60
A study of the “Yin Gaozhong wen yu sanshou” in the Tsinghua bamboo slips76
Studies of Confucian Classics in Hong Kong during the Republican period: Development in the period 1912-194154
The Royal Patronage and Astronomical Instrument Making in Qing Court (1644-1796)69
Skills on Teaching Cantonese Romanization17
A Narrative Study of Mistake by Ma Yuan81
Study of Ou Dadian’s Xiaojing tongyi35
A review of the lexical analysis in Hong Mai's (1123-1202) miscellaneous notes36
Enlightenment, Social Instruction, and Female Bond: Love/Marriage Narratives and Representations of Women in Wartime Taiwan’s Literature13
Praying to the Blessed Mother: The Rise of Marian Sodalities in 17th-centurty China28
Globalizing Taiwan Studies: Institutionalization of Taiwan Studies and Research Trends of Modern Chinese-language Literature Abroad24
Xu Guangqi (1562-1633) and the Making of Western Star-dial in 17th century China67
Legislating precepts on filial piety45
Islamic Horological Technology in Yuan and Ming China9
Jesuit Missionary and Scientific Instrument Making in Late Ming60
James Legge and the Nestorian Monument66
L2 Bridging descriptions: Second language acquisition from a 'syntactic' to 'pragmatic' language53
Sushi and Liuyong52
A study on the use of Traditional and Simplified Chinese Characters and their Standardization in Hong Kong52
The Experience of Teaching the Judges of the Judicairy of HKSAR to Write Their Judgments in Chinese50
The Differences Of Computer Font Faces Used In Mainland China, Taiwan And Hong Kong32
Shamans, Souls, and Soma: Comparative Religion and Early China4
Different levels of interpretation of the Chinese language42
John L. Mateer and American Presbyterian Mission Press at Shanghai56
Human relationships and primary goods71
A Study of Guofeng with Special Reference to Wang Guowei's Views on Jingqie35
Effacing Story and Plot: An Analysis of Xi Xi's 'Jiari'36
The Transmission of the Western Technology of Making Terrestrial Globes in China: With Special References to Emmanuel Diaz, Jr., Adam Schall von Bell and Ferdinand Verbiest8
Tug-of-war with Lamentations of Spring: A Study of Yu Kwang-chung’s Time Consciousness49
The teaching of Chinese writing: a cultural dimension38
A Survey of Chinese History and Chinese Racial History -- A Glimpse of Professor Lo Hsiang-Lin's Achievements in Historiography48
Narrative and deceleration: a study of the character series of the Peach Blossom Island98
Catholic Agent, Language Teacher and Chinese Literature Promoter: Yen Pwoin Ming and his role in the History of Chinese-Western Relations79
Lewd Nuns and Dangerous Sex75
'The Opulent Zither’s Startled Strings': Ideological Opposition in Xikun Style Poetry & the Translation of Li Shangyin21
Ying Wa College and the development of Hong Kong’s education – Inspirations from “Sanctuary of excellence: the history of Ying Wa College”117
China-US Trade in Early 19th Century Canton: With Reference to Benjamin B. Carter’s List of Chinese Glossaries at the US Library of Congress66
One Country, Two Systems: The Foreign‐Flagged Chinese Junks in the Waters of Hong Kong and Guangdong Province (1902‐1910)39
Circulation of Hanzi xiyi and the Chinese Language Studies of the English-Speaking Community of Canton during the Mid-Qing Dynasty39
A Study on the Predicament of Language Teaching in Hong Kong41
Practical Chinese Teaching in the University of Hong Kong25
Spatial Form in Zhu Tianwen's Notes of the Misbegotten45
A study on the parataxis of the Chinese characters38
From Sacred Scripture to popular narrative: Tianzhu jiangsheng yanxing jilüe (天主降生言行紀略) and its later adaptations in Qing China91
Dunhuang Quzici on Shanghan Bing99
What did Chenghua Emperor say:a study on his painting 'Good omens on Lunar New Year’s Day'47
A Study of Hong Dou Shu Guan Shihua51
A study of the Shuowen entries contained in S2055 of the Dunhuang manuscript57
The Wreck of Subject: The Contradiction of Shadow and Western culture as Shown in Su Weizhen's Chenmo zhi dao59
Do they understand? English trials heard by Chinese jurors in the Hong Kong courtroom53
A discussion of the modifiers for vessel names in bronze inscriptions of the Zhou Dynasty48
Western Surveying in Seventeenth Century China and Japan39
A Critical Study on Huang Baijia's [1643-1709] Life and Works During the Ming-Qing Transition47
Knowledge of Gunnery and Ballistics in Ferdinand Verbiest's Qiongli Xue 窮理學[Study of Fathoming Principles, 1683]56
Teaching for Empowerment: Turning Passive Learners to Active Knowledge Producers7
Between canonical and historical: Giulio Aleni and Gospel translations in Ming-Qing China52
A Study of the Meanings of Some Words in Song Poetry47
Exemplary Erotics in Guwangyan: Volume Six and the Authenticity of Urban Commoner Women10
Shadow of a Thinker: The Spirit in the Novels of Lu Xun and Bo Yang59
Professor Ho Peng Yoke and Study of History of Chinese Science and Technology20
Xu Guangqi [1562-1633]and Western Star-dial: With Special Reference to Xu Guangqi Chongzhen Mouchen liyuan yong xinggui fa [Method Using (Western) Star-dial in accordance with the (Calendrical) Epoch on the Mouchen Year of Chongzhen Reign] appeared70
Tant de pinceaux élégants s’appliquent à calquer formules & formes : Filiation and Affiliation between Prose Poetry and Translation from Chinese4
The Pearl River Delta Region and the First Exposure to the Western Science64
Two cases on historical sources of Western learning in late Imperial China: with special references to Matteo Ricci’s Qiankun Tiyi and Robert Morrison’s Dictionary of the Chinese Language48
Li Tianjing (1579-1659) and his Chongzhen lishu liyin (Introduction to Chongzhen Reign Period Treatises on Astronomy and Calendrical Science)64
Wang Fuzhi's Poetics and His Shijing Scholarship70
The Political Traveler: The American Press and the Nineteenth-century Traveler's Perception of China60
The atypical bilingual courtroom: an exploratory study of the interactional dynamics in interpreter-mediated trials in Hong Kong52
The Setting and Implementation of Grammar Teaching47
Juror comprehension in English-medium trials in the Hong Kong courtroom41
Narrative Perspective in Jin Sheng-tan's Edition of 'All Men Are Brothers'56
On the interpretation of a bamboo slip character43
On the Pre-Qin Bird Hunting Activities in Light of the Pictorial Bronzes of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty20
Using MARKUS to Tag and Analyse Chinese Text‬22
Bai Xianyong's Taibei Ren75
Fu Pu and Tang Rhapsodies55
The Analysis and Teaching on Linguistic Phenomena40
Chinese Characters: Images and Literature40
Wandering In The Countryside: Lives Of The Ming Yimin Clans In Cui Wei Shan Of Jiang Xi11
A discussion of Chinese History Education in the Twenty-first century Hong Kong62
The Idea of Tian (Heaven) in Zuozhuan33
Exploration of problems encountered in simplified Chinese characters63
Conditions of Theory in Taiwan27
A comparison between Qiu Zhao-ao's 'DuShi Xiang Zhu' and 'WuZhenPian Ji Zhu'83
Beyond the city's boundaries: Nathan Dunn, George Smith and their relationship with Haichuang Buddhist Priest Jinglin in the 1830s-1840s19
Marine surveying of ‎Japanese Navy along the Coast of Shanghai and Hong Kong in the late 19th century23
The Modification of Li Jinxi's Syntactic Theory33
From The Royal Society’s Committee of the Kew Observatory to The Hong Kong Royal Observatory15
Chinese History Textbooks for Senior Secondary Schools in the Twenty-first century Hong Kong40
The Challenges and Problems Facing the Judges of the HKSAR Judiciary in Writing Their Judgments in Chinese72
Talent Show, Governmentality and the Chinese Dream32
Can Minority Preferences Co-existed: Open Souce and the E-learning of Chinese Characters in Hong Kong40
A reminiscence of Professor Zhu Weizheng41
A Chronological Study of Catholic Bible Translations in Mid-Qing China65
The principle and methodology of language teaching29
The Transmission of Western Astrolabe in Pre-Modern China37
The feasibility on offering Business Chinese in The School of Chinese, The University of Hong Kong27
Language, Culture and Identity: Romanization in Taiwan and its Implications45
The Scholarship of the Shijing: Past and Present53
Masculinizing Jianghu Spaces: Homosociality, Nationalism, and Chineseness34
Cheng Minzheng's Song Taizu Taizong Shoushou Bian70
The Teaching of Listening Comprehension52
On Confucius education thought towards his son78
Imperial Patronage and State Control of Astronomy in Song China (960-1279)44
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