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Functional anatomy of reading development114
Particulization in Cantonese: an areal perspective105
Demonstrative interjections in Chinese dialects124
The Structure of Ideophones in African and Asian Languages: The Case of Dagaare and Cantonese104
On the COMP function in Cantonese98
Cortical processing of Chinese and English words by early bilinguals112
De l'Afrique à l'Australie: Traversées maritimes, routes côtière et émergence du langage41
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Cross-linguistic influence in Hong Kong children's bilingual development: Integrating input ambiguity and dominance162
Turn construction unit revisited181
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LAPSyD: Lyon-albuquerque phonological systems database36
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Evaluating the influence of language contact on lexical changes41
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On the origins of Macanese reduplication113
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La typologie des systèmes vocaliques revisitée sous l’angle de la charge fonctionnelle8
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Chinese unknown word identification as known word tagging150
Passives in Chaozhou dialects: syntactic properties and grammaticalization101
A Computational Model on the Emergence of Vowel Transition Perception28
Optimal Corporate Social Responsibility: How Asian Companies can Invest Responsibly but Profitably in Africa107
Neural substrate underlying Chinese language processing134
Verb-copying constructions in Cantonese131
Sequential orders in Cantonese adverbial strings147
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Integrated approaches to prosodic word prediction for Chinese TTS113
Vowel inventories revisited: the functional load of vowel contrasts6
BALI: A software tool to build experimental material in psycholinguistics6
Effect of Bilingualism on Speech Rate: the Case of Catalan and Basque Bilinguals in Spain7
On the COMP function in Cantonese149
Interactivity in Web-based (Distance Education) Courses91
Language polygenesis: what type of evidence?44
Description of the HKU Chinese Word Segmentation System for Sighan Bakeoff 2005132
The Effectiveness of Lattice Attacks Against Low-Exponent RSA46
Chinese unknown word identification using class-based LM179
Constructivism in Higher Education: The Case of Online Bulletin Board Discussions in a Linguistics Course159
Evidentiality and mirativity in Cantonese: wo3, wo4, wo5!243
Semiotic investigations into early forms of symbolism and language14
Cultural variances impact brain structures and brain development130
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Neurocognitive systems for second language learning: The influence of native language111 evaluating language resources on the Internet102
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What does it take to make a category? the case of 'coverbs' in Cantonese93
Revisiting focus prosody in Japanese59
Sea-crossings capacities and opportunities during prehistory: Survey and comparison between Homo species24
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Vers une mesure de la complexité des systèmes phonologiques43
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Interactivity in web-based courses104
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On the Syntactic Functions of Adverbs: A Contrastive Analysis of Cantonese, Mandarin and English165
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Encounters with Chinese: western missionary grammars of Cantonese110
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How economical are phonological inventories?12
English with a Hong Kong accent158
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Semantics and Pragmatics of Tautologies and Pleonasms190
Ideophones in African and Asian languages: The case of Dagaare and Cantonese144
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粵語中 '得' 字的用法108
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The subject condition in Cantonese126
The grammaticalization of FAAN: from verb to discourse particle157
A comparative study of the semantics of serial verb constructions in Dagaare and Cantonese122
An integrated approach for Chinese word segmentation99
Chinese unknown word identification using class-based LM163
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Verbal vs. nominal classifier constructions in Cantonese and Thai128
Chinese reading difficulty characterized by functional disconnection of orthographic and phonological systems in the brain162
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Head-marking and dependent-marking grammar in isolating languages: the case of comparatives in Sinitic133
An fMRI study of neural circuitry of nouns and verbs in early bilinguals’ brain113