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    HKU ResearcherPage: Feng, SPT
    rp01533.jpg picture
    Dr Feng, Shien Ping Tony
    • Assistant Professor
    Publication list (Articles)
    Results 1-19 of 19
    Nickel substrate covered with a Sn-based protection bi-layer as a photoanode substrate for dye-sensitized solar cellsHuang, Y; Feng, SPT; Chen, CM201329
    Reliable contact fabrication on nanostructured Bi2Te3-based thermoelectric materialsFeng, SPT; CHANG, YH; Yang, J; Poudel, B; B, YU; Ren, ZF; Chen, G201350
    Surface metallization of polyimide as a photoanode substrate for rear-illuminated dye-sensitized solar cellsHuang, Y; Zhan, YY; Cherng, SJ; Chen, CM; Feng, SPT; Wei, TC201338
    A Semi-experimental Method for Fast Evaluation of the Performance of Grid-type Dye-sensitized Solar ModuleWei, TC; CHANG, YH; Feng, SPT; Chen, HH201334
    Fabrication and characterization of interconnected grid-type dye-sensitized solar modulesWei, TC; Feng, SP; Chang, YH; Cherng, SJ; Lin, YJ; Chen, CM; Chen, HH201232
    Effects of Iodine Content in the Electrolyte on the Charge Transfer and Power Conversion Efficiency of Dye-sensitized Solar Cell under Low Light IntensitiesLan, JL; Wei, TC; Feng, SPT; Wan, CC; Cao, G201222
    Thermal percolation in stable graphite suspensionsZheng, R; Gao, J; Wang, JJ; Feng, SP; Ohtani, H; Wang, JB; Chen, G2012186
    Studies on surface preparation and smoothness of nanostructured Bi 2Te 3-based alloys by electrochemical and mechanical methodsFeng, HP; Yu, B; Chen, S; Collins, K; He, C; Ren, ZF; Chen, G2011157
    High-performance flat-panel solar thermoelectric generators with high thermal concentrationKraemer, D; Poudel, B; Feng, HP; Caylor, JC; Yu, B; Yan, X; Ma, Y; Wang, X; Wang, D; Muto, A; McEnaney, K; Chiesa, M; Ren, Z; Chen, G2011312
    Nanoparticle-enabled selective electrodepositionFeng, HP; Paudel, T; Yu, B; Chen, S; Ren, ZF; Chen, G2011176
    Platinum nanoparticles on flexible carbon fiber paper without transparent conducting oxide glass as counter electrode for dye-sensitized solar cellsLan, JL; Feng, HP; Wei, TC; Peng, C; Cheng, HP; Chen, WH; Chang, YH; Hsu, WC; Wan, CC2010179
    The simple and easy way to manufacture counter electrode for dye-sensitized solar cellsLan, JL; Wang, YY; Wan, CC; Wei, TC; Feng, HP; Peng, C; Cheng, HP; Chang, YH; Hsu, WC2010206
    Effect of impurity and illumination on copper oxidation after chemical mechanical polishingFeng, HP; Lin, JY; Wang, YY; Wan, CC2008173
    Behavior of copper removal by CMP and its correlation to deposit structure and impurity contentFeng, HP; Lin, JY; Cheng, MY; Wang, YY; Wan, CC2008180
    Void defect reduction after chemical mechanical planarization of trenches filled by direct/pulse platingLin, JY; Wan, CC; Wang, YY; Feng, HP2007121
    Impurities induced localized corrosion between copper and tantalum nitride during chemical mechanical planarizationLin, JY; Wang, YY; Wan, CC; Feng, HP; Cheng, MY2007175
    Effect of plating current density and annealing on impurities in electroplated Cu filmLiu, CW; Wang, YL; Tsai, MS; Feng, HP; Chang, SC; Hwang, GJ2005140
    Electroless Cu deposition process on TiN for ULSI interconnect fabrication via Pd/Sn colloid activationFong, HP; Wu, Y; Wang, YY; Wan, CC2003118
    Displacement reactions between metal ions and nitride barrier layer/silicon substrateWu, Y; Chen, WC; Fong, HP; Wan, CC; Wang, YY2002176



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