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Name Card
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Professor Hui, Shu Yuen Ron 許樹源

Professor, Chair of Power Electronics
Philip KH Wong Wilson KL Wong Professorship in Electrical Engineering

Teaching List, Current
2019 S2ELEC84092ASustainable Lighting Technology
2018 S2ELEC84032AAdvanced topics in power electronics and drives
Supervision of Research Postgraduate Students
StatusThesis TitleField of StudyStudent
Electrical Energy Technologies and Systems2019 Phd
Ghasemi Shahab
Power Electronics2019 Phd
Yan Zhihong
Several Reliability Issues and Solutions for LED Lighting SystemsThe Design and Analysis of Power Supplies, LED Characteristics and Its Relevant System Designs2011 Phd
Li Sinan
Constructing Sustainable Power Grids: Environment-Friendly and Resilient OperationSmart Grid Technology/V2G/Renewable Energy2013 Phd
Lei Shunbo
Electrical Energy Technologies and Systems2018 MPhil
Lam Hin Sang
Some Aspects of Smart GridPower Electronics2014 MPhil
Yang Haoyuan
Directional and Omnidirectional Inductively Coupled Wireless Power Transfer SystemsPower Electronics, Wireless Power Transfer2012 Phd
Zhang Cheng
Light-Emitting Diodes Based on Perovskite Thin Films and NanocrystalsOrganic Optoelectronic Devices2014 Phd
Lin Hong
Resilient Operating Strategies against Weather-related and Cybersecurity-related EventsPower System Self-heal2012 Phd
Wang Chong
Single-Stage AC/DC Single-Inductor Multiple-Output (SIMO) LED DriversElectrical and Electronic Engineering2014 MPhil
Guo Yue
Flexible Loads and Power Electronic Converters Integration: Operation and ControlSmart Grid2014 Phd
Liu Heng
Some Aspects of Magnetic Designs in Modern Power Electronics ApplicationsPower Electronics2014 Phd
Wu Minxin
Monitoring System Parameters and Loads in Wireless Power Transfer Systems without Radio-frequency Communication SystemPower Electronics, Motor Drives and Control2011 Phd
Yin Jian
Emerging Non-Isolated High-Power-Density DC/DC Converters with High Conversion Ratios and Their ApplicationsPower Electronics2014 Phd
Huang Ying
Non-Contact Condition Monitoring of Power Transmission/Distribution Cables Based on Electromagnetic Field SensingElectrical Engineering2013 Phd
Zhu Ke
Advanced Control of Grid-connected Converters in Microgrids with Enhanced PerformancesControl on Microgrids and Powerelectronics2013 Phd
Yang Yun
Electric Spring Applications in Smart Grids: From Modeling to ControlPower Electrical Systems2014 Phd
Yang Tianbo
Ultra-low-loss magnetic ballast technology for modern lighting devicesPower Electronic2011 Phd
Ng Wai Man
An Investigation into Electric Spring TechnologiesElectrical Energy Technologies and Systems2012 Phd
Yan Shuo
High-Frequency-Fed Unity Power-Factor AC-DC Power Converters with One Switching Per CyclePower Electronics2014 MPhil
Yang Zhe
Some Aspects of Electric Springs for Smart Grid ApplicationsRenewable Energy, Power System Distribution, Economic Dispatch2011 Phd
Luo Xiao
An Investigation into Negative Inductance Circuits and Its Applications in Power ElectronicsPower Electronics2012 Phd
Xu Danting
Controls and Applications of Electric SpringsSmart grid and renewable energy2012 Phd
Mok Kwan Tat
DC Electric Springs for DC MicrogridsGlobal Optimal Power Flow Control And Voltage Regulation In Wind Power Integrated Smart Grid2013 Phd
Wang Minghao
Energy Systems and Electric Vehicles2018 Phd
Wu Jiayang
Power Electronics and Smart Grid2018 Phd
Jiang Yajie
Partial Inductance Modeling and Series Integrated Capacitance with Optimization for Thin and Flexible Planar Transformers in LLC Power ConvertersPower Electronic2015 Phd
Ho Kwun Yuan Godwin
Towards high power-density, high efficiency and high reliability single-phase power conversionPower Electronics2015 Phd
Qi Wenlong
Single-Inductor Multiple-Output (SIMO) DC-AC Resonant Inverters for Multi-Coil Wireless Power TransferSmart Grid, LED Driver2015 Phd
Jin Weijian
Some Control Aspects of Distributed Power Electronics EquipmentSmart Grid, Wireless Power, LED and Power Electronics2015 Phd
Chen Jie
Power Electronics2016 Phd
Yuan Huawei
Power Electronics2016 Phd
Chen Tong
An Investigation into High Efficiency, Compact DC-DC Power Conversion SystemsPower Electronics, Lighting Technology, Renewable Energy Power Conversion, Wireless Charger2016 Phd
Qin Yaxiao
EV-to-Grid2016 Phd
Qu Jialong
Power Electronics, Power Converter Design and Circuit Applications, DC/DC Converter, PFC Circuit, etc.2017 Phd
Liang Hui Wen Rebecca
Power Electronics, Wireless Charging2018 Phd
Fang Yaoran
HKU Committee Appointments
Start DateEnd DateCommitteeCategoryBody
2016-02-012017-01-31University Research CommitteeUp to four teachers co-opted by the Committee for one year at a time
2011-07-01Faculty of Engineering, Board of theThe teachers who are members of the Faculty and who are full-time employees of the University
2015-06-252017-06-24Higher Doctorates, Committee onThree teachers appointed by the Senate for two years at a time, renewable up to a maximum of four consecutive yearsSenate
2013-06-252015-06-24Higher Doctorates, Committee onThree teachers appointed by the Senate for two years at a time, renewable up to a maximum of four consecutive yearsSenate
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