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    HKU ResearcherPage: Loh, EKY
    rp01361.jpg picture
    Dr Loh, Elizabeth Ka Yee
    • Assistant Professor
    Publication list (Articles)
    Results 1-20 of 23
    Result pages: 1
    The impact of blogging on Hong Kong primary school students’ bilingual reading literacyTse, SK; Yuen, HK; Loh, EKY; Lam, JWI; NG, HW201356
    A study of the effectiveness of a school-based Chinese characters curriculum for Non-Chinese speaking kindergarteners: Hong Kong experienceLoh, EKY; Tse, SK; Tsui, SK201361
    A Comparison of Hong Kong Primary 4 Students' Relative Progress in Chinese and English Reading AttainmentTse, SK; Lam, JWI; Loh, EKY; HUI, SY; NG, HW201338
    An investigation of school-based curriculum of effective Chinese character learning for Non-Chinese speaking kindergartenersLoh, EKY; Tse, SK2012112
    Enhancing orthographic knowledge helps spelling production in eight-year-old Chinese children at risk for dyslexiaLeong, CK; Loh, KY; Ki, WW; Tse, SK2011136
    Collaborative inquiry project-based learning: Effects on reading ability and interestsChu, SKW; Tse, SK; Loh, EKY; Chow, K2011418
    Orthographic knowledge important in comprehending elementary Chinese text by users of alphasyllabariesLeong, CK; Tse, SK; Loh, KY; Ki, WW2011278
    The impact of the integrative perceptual approach on the teaching of Chinese characters in a Hong Kong kindergartenLee, MTN; Tse, SK; Loh, EKY2011298
    Family resources and students’ reading attainment: capitalising on home factorsTse, SK; Lam, RYH; Ip, OKM; Lam, JWI; Loh, EKY; Tso, ASF2010239
    Does the gender of the teacher matter in the teaching of reading literacy? Teacher gender and pupil attainment in reading literacy in Hong KongRaymond Lam, YH; Tse, SK; Lam, JWI; Loh, EKY2010210
    A comparison of English and Chinese reading proficiency of primary school Chinese studentsTse, SK; Loh, KYE; Lam, YHR; Lam, WIJ2010318
    The impact of blogging on Hong Kong primary school students' bilingual reading literacyTse, SK; Yuen, AHK; Loh, EKY; Lam, JWI; Ng, RHW2010470
    English-speaking foreign domestic helpers and students' english reading attainment in Hong KongTse, SK; Lam, RYH; Loh, EKY; Ip, OKM; Lam, JWI; Chan, YM2009290
    The relationship between motivation to read chinese and english and its impact on the Chinese and english reading performance of chinese studentsLoh, EKY; Tse, SK2009253
    Progress in International Reading Literacy Study 2006 (PIRLS): Pedagogical correlates of fourth-grade students in Hong KongCheung, WM; Tse, SK; Lam, JWI; Ka Yee Loh, E2009216
    Text Comprehension in Chinese Children: Relative Contribution of Verbal Working Memory, Pseudoword Reading, Rapid Automatized Naming, and Onset-Rime Phonological SegmentationLeong, CK; Tse, SK; Loh, KY; Hau, KT2008237
    Component skills of text comprehension in less competent Chinese comprehendersLeong, CK; Hau, KT; Tse, SK; Loh, KY2007146
    Pedagogical correlates of reading achievement in English and ChineseTse, SK; Lam, JWI; Lam, RYH; Loh, EKY; Westwood, P2007122
    The influence of the language that Hong Kong primary school students habitually speak at home on their Chinese reading ability in schoolTse, SK; Lam, JWI; Loh, EKY; Lam, RYH2007305
    An integrative perceptual approach for teaching Chinese charactersTse, SK; Marton, F; Ki, WW; Loh, EKY2007344
    Result pages: 1



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