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    HKU ResearcherPage: Ho, DCW
    rp01001.jpg picture
    Dr Ho, Daniel Chi Wing
    • Associate Professor
    Publication list (Articles)
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    Collective Action in Apartment Building Management in Hong KongHo, DCW; Gao, W201341
    Achieving Sustainable Urban Renewal in Hong Kong: Strategy for Dilapidation Assessment of High RisesHo, DCW; Yau, Y; Poon, SW; Liusman, E2012220
    Social sustainability in urban renewal: An assessment of community aspirationsHo, DCW; Yau, Y; Law, CK; Poon, SW; Yip, HK; Liusman, E2012225
    Open building implementation in high-rise residential buildings in Hong KongLau, WK; Ho, DCW2011187
    Urban renewal in Hong Kong: a community aspiration studyHo, DCW; Yau, Y; Poon, SW; Law, CK; Chui, EWT; Wong, YC; Lee, KM; Ko, LSF; Yip, HK; Kwan, AKH; Wong, KHY2011870
    Reliability and validity of a new building environmental quality questionnaireChan, AKC; MacFarlane, DJ; Cerin, E; Wong, KSK; Ng, CHF; Ho, DCW2010183
    The effects of building management practices on residential property prices in Hong KongYau, Y; Ho, DCW2009271
    Sick building syndrome and perceived indoor environmental quality: A survey of apartment buildings in Hong KongWong, SK; WaiChung Lai, L; Ho, DCW; Chau, KW; LoKuen Lam, C; HungFai Ng, C2009368
    Estimation algorithm for predicting the performance of private apartment buildings in Hong KongYau, Y; Ho, DCW; Chau, KW; Lau, WY2009224
    A survey of the health and safety conditions of apartment buildings in Hong KongHo, DCW; Chau, KW; KingChung Cheung, A; Yau, Y; Wong, SK; Leung, HF; SiuYu Lau, S; Wong, WS2008265
    An Empirical Study on the Positive Externality of Building RefurbishmentYau, Y; Chau, KW; Ho, DCW; Wong, SK2008234
    Evaluating unauthorized appendages in private apartment buildingsHo, DCW; Chau, KW; Yau, Y2008373
    Determinants of the safety performance of private multi-storey residential buildings in Hong KongYau, Y; Ho, DCW; Chau, KW2008358
    Does student quality fluctuate with real estate prices?Wong, SK; Wong, KC; Chau, KW; Yiu, CY; Ho, DCW200899
    Weathering effects on external wall tiling systemsYiu, CY; Ho, DCW; Lo, SM2007224
    The private supply of and public demand for planning: Compliance with planning conditions in the absence of direct statutory enforcement measuresLai, LWC; Yung, P; Li, RYM; Ho, DCW2007211
    Survey of the Pottinger BatteryLai, LWC; Ho, DCW; Yung, P2007610
    Institutions, Culture and Sustainable DevelopmentHo, DCW; Lai, LWC2006139
    Impact of political incidents, financial crises, and severe acute respiratory syndrome on Hong Kong property buyersLai, LWC; Chau, KW; Ho, DCW; Lin, VYY200660
    A "Hong Kong" model of sustainable developmentLai, LWC; Chau, KW; Ho, DCW; Lorne, FT2006459
    Result pages: 1



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