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Contact Information
  • 3917 4713
 Professional Qualifications
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Dr Wong Wai Ling was awarded PhD in Sociology in The University of Hong Kong. She is now committed to the Hong Kong Memory Project and has particular interest in exploring the notions of oral history, collective memory and public history in the construction of historical knowledge about Hong Kong. Her other research interests include gender, motherhood, family and Chinese immigration in Hong Kong.

 Professional Societies
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Spoken Languages:
  • Cantonese, English, Putonghua
  • 粵語、英語、普通話
Written Languages:
  • English, Chinese
  • 英文、中文
Area of expertise:
  • Cultural memory and public history (文化記憶及公共歷史)
  • Oral history (口述歷史)
  • Gender and motherhood (性別及母職研究)



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