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Name Card
rp00774 picture

Professor Saunders, Richard Mark Kingsley


Principal Investigator
StatusProject CodeProject TitleAmountFunding Year
HKU 775009MMolecular phylogenetics of Polyathia (Annonaceae): identifying clades and morphological synapomorphies in a large polyphyletic genus11000002009/2010
HKU 777210MOut of Africa: using relaxed molecular clocks and phyloclimatic models to test alternative hypotheses for the migration of basal angiosperms into Asia during the Tertiary11000002010/2011
HKU 7531/06MSystematics and phylogenetics of <I>Uvaria</I> (Annonaceae) and related genera: an integrated morphological, molecular and ecological approach7525002006/2007
HKU 777211MEvolution of morphology, pollination systems and geographical distributions in the annonoid' clade of the early-divergent angiosperm family Annonaceae: a holistic approach to hypothesis testing'9880072011/2012
HKU 774407MMolecular phylogenetics of Cananga, Cyathocalyx and Drepananthus (Annonaceae): implications for generic delimitation, morphological evolution, and historical biogeography6899962007/2008
HKU 7578/05MPhylogenetics as a unifying concept for the study of the comparative anatomy, systematics, historical biogeography and reproductive biology of the flowering plant genera <I>Desmos</I> and <I>Dasymaschalon</I> (Annonaceae)9780402005/2006
HKU 7247/97MTaxonomic monographs of the angiosperm genera Schisandra and Kadsura (Schisandraceae)6868801997/1998
HKU 202/95MSystematics and evolution of the angiosperm family Myrsinaceae, with particular reference to Hong Kong and the Philippines3910001995/1996
HKU 7358/03MTaxonomic monographs of the angiosperm genera Mitrephora and Pseuduvaria (Annonaceae)9721502003/2004
HKU 776713MRapid, recent evolutionary radiation in the flowering plant genus Goniothalamus (Annonaceae): using phylogenetics, diversification analyses and empirical ecology to assess the impact of morphological adaptations and biogeography9526362013/2014
17118014Perianth evolution in the Annonaceae, an early-divergent family of flowering plants: integrating floral development, comparative transcriptomics and pollination ecology5236592014/2015
ECF Project 41/2015Conserving Hong Kong’s endemic and endangered flora: pollination ecology, seed dispersal, population genetics and conservation biology of Thismia species4720002015/2016
17112616Assessing key evolutionary innovations and founder events as drivers of speciation: an integrated phylogenetic approach to the study of evolutionary diversification in the genus Meiogyne (Annonaceae)7523732016/2017
17109417Reproductive ecology and biogeography of Artabotrys (Annonaceae): using phylogenies to test hypotheses in plant-pollinator coevolution, pollinator trapping, and spatio-temporal changes in distribution ranges and ecological niches7048662017/2018
StatusProject CodeProject TitleAmountFunding Year
-Breeding systems of Hong Kong Bauhinias01998/1999
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