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    HKU ResearcherPage: Chen, G
    rp00671.jpg picture
    Professor Chen, Guanhua
    • Professor, Dept of Chemistry
    • Professor
    • Head, Department of Chemistry
    Publication list (Articles)
    Results 1-20 of 119
    Result pages: 1
    Dissipative time-dependent quantum transport theoryZHANG, Y; Yam, CY; Chen, G201324
    Model order reduction for multiband quantum transport simulations and its application to p-type junctionless transistorsHuang, J; Chew, WC; Peng, J; Yam, CY; Jiang, L; Chen, G201337
    First-principles time-dependent quantum transport theoryZHANG, Y; CHEN, S; Chen, G201329
    A multi-scale modeling of junctionless field-effect transistorsYam, CY; Peng, J; Chen, Q; Markov, SN; Huang, J; Wong, N; Chew, WC; Chen, G201325
    Numerically efficient formulation for time-domain electromagnetic-semiconductor co-simulation for Fast-Transient SystemsChen, Q; Schoenmaker, WC; Chen, G; Jiang, L; Wong, N201325
    Linear-scaling quantum mechanical methods for excited statesYam, C; Zhang, Q; Wang, F; Chen, G2012120
    First-principles Liouville-von Neumann equation for open systems and its applicationsKoo, SK; Yam, CY; Zheng, X; Chen, G2012105
    Structure-dependent optical properties of single-walled silicon nanotubesZhang, M; Su, Z; Chen, G201283
    Quantum transport through an array of quantum dotsChen, S; Xie, H; Zhang, Y; Cui, X; Chen, G201239
    An efficient solution of Liouville-von Neumann equation that is applicable to zero and finite temperaturesTian, H; Chen, G201232
    Time-dependent quantum transport: An efficient method based on Liouville-von-Neumann equation for single-electron density matrixXie, H; Jiang, F; Tian, H; Zheng, X; Kwok, YH; Chen, S; Yam, CY; Yan, YJ; Chen, G201234
    Dynamic multiscale quantum mechanics/electromagnetics simulation methodMeng, L; Yam, C; Koo, S; Chen, Q; Wong, N; Chen, G2012134
    Time-dependent current distributions of a two-terminal carbon nanotube-based electronic deviceWen, S; Koo, S; Yam, C; Zheng, X; Yan, Y; Su, Z; Fan, K; Cao, L; Wang, W; Chen, G2011311
    Existence of time-dependent density-functional theory for open electronic systems: Time-dependent holographic electron density theoremZheng, X; Yam, C; Wang, F; Chen, G201169
    An efficient method for quantum transport simulations in the time domainWang, Y; Yam, CY; Frauenheim, Th; Chen, GH; Niehaus, TA201154
    Time-dependent density functional theory based Ehrenfest dynamicsWang, F; Yam, CY; Hu, L; Chen, G201186
    Communication: Linear-expansion shooting techniques for accelerating self-consistent field convergenceWang, YA; Yam, CY; Chen, YK; Chen, G201166
    Multiscale quantum mechanics/electromagnetics simulation for electronic devicesYam, C; Meng, L; Chen, G; Chen, Q; Wong, N2011167
    Time-dependent versus static quantum transport simulations beyond linear responseYam, C; Zheng, X; Chen, G; Wang, Y; Frauenheim, T; Niehaus, TA201172
    Sequential establishment of stripe patterns in an expanding cell populationLiu, C; Fu, X; Liu, L; Ren, X; Chau, CKL; Li, S; Xiang, L; Zeng, H; Chen, G; Tang, LH; Lenz, P; Cui, X; Huang, W; Hwa, T; Huang, JD2011262
    Result pages: 1



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