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HKU ResearcherPage: Chen, G
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Professor Chen, Guanhua
  • Professor, Dept of Chemistry
  • Honorary Professor
  • Professor
  • Head, Department of Chemistry
Principal Investigator
Project Code Amount Title Funding Year
1 G_HK701/13 89600 Development of an accurate and efficient numerical method for quantum transport in time-domai 2013/2014
2 HKU 700913P 656521 First-principles ac quantum transport theory and its application to carbon nanotube field effect transistors 2013/2014
3 HKU 700912P 700000 Quantum mechanical simulation of transient charge transfer in DNA 2012/2013
4 21273186 979680 The development of QM/EM method and its application in the simulation of junctionless FETs 2012/2013
5 HKUST9/CRF/11G 250000 Understanding the coupling of mass-transport and electrochemical reactions in the nanostructured fuel cell electrodes 2011/2012
6 HKU 700711P 1053000 Time-dependent density functional theory for open systems and its application to emerging electronics 2011/2012
7 HKU 700909P 590000 High frequency response and equivalent circuits of all-graphene electronic devices 2009/2010
8 G_HK018/08 59600 Quantum mechanical simulation of transient currents through molecular electronic devices 2008/2009
9 HKUST9/CRF/08 300000 Experimental and theoretical study of carbon nanotube superconductivity and nanostructured graphene charactistics 2008/2009
10 HKU 700808P 293700 Electric properties of molecular electronic devices 2008/2009
11 HKU 701307P 267000 Fluctuation-driven nanoelectromechanical systems 2007/2008
12 HKU 7011/06P 388460 First-principles simulation of dynamic responses of molecular and nanoscopic devices 2006/2007
13 HKU 7013/05P 308000 Towards the chemical accuracy: Combining first-principles methods and Neural Networks 2005/2006
14 HKU 7127/05E 445784 Fundamental Study of Nanofluids in Nanochannels of Various Shapes 2005/2006
15 N_HKU 764/05 739300 Theoretical investigation of carbon-nanotube-based nanoelectromechanical systems 2005/2006
16 G_HK029/04 60000 Efficient linear scaling methods for optical properties of nanoscale material systems 2004/2005
17 HKUST 2/04C 353750 Carbon nanotube/AFI zeolite composite: superconductivity and Li storage application 2004/2005
18 HKU 7012/04P 392000 Theoretical Investigation and Computer Simulation of Carbon-Nanotube-Based Devices: Gigahertz Oscillators, Field Emitters and Tweezers 2004/2005
19 HKU 7010/03P 300000 Towards the first-principles simulation of open systems 2003/2004
20 HKU 7099/02P 300000 A first-principles method for calculating STM images of nanoscale molecular systems and its application to alkyl substituted phthalocyanines and porphyrins 2002/2003
21 HKU 7100/00P 287817 Photoexcitation in light harvesting systems 2000/2001
22 HKU 7139/99P 405000 Linear-scaling semiempirical localized-dentisty-matrix method, and photoexcitations in bulk PPV-based materials 1999/2000
23 HKU 7093/98P 415000 Multi-dimensional free energy landscape of a small protein 1998/1999
24 HKU 7097/97P 456000 Dynamics of condensed conjugated materials 1997/1998



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