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HKU ResearcherPage: Wong, CM
CM.jpg picture
Dr Wong, Chit Ming
  • Associate Professor
Principal Investigator
Project Code Amount Title Funding Year
1 13121282 760060 Impacts of increased influenza and pneumococcal vaccine coverage on the burden of influenza in the elderly: a comparison between Hong Kong and Brisbane 2013/2014
2 HKU 780512M 750000 A cohort study for effects of environmental thermal stress and air pollution on mortality for the older population in Hong Kong 2012/2013
3 12111232 717856 Temporal antigenic variation of influenza viruses and its impact on seasonal transmission of influenza: A multidisplinary study linking epidemiology and genetic data in Hong Kong 2012/2013
4 G_HK032/10 60000 Climate change and environmental health - the impact of thermal stress on the mortality and morbidity in urban Hong Kong: Development of a coordinated methodology between multidisciplinary experts from Hong Kong and Germany 2010/2011
5 08090971 472880 A stimulation study for a method to determine life expectancy change due to air pollution from time series data 2010/2011
6 09080532 333880 Effect modifications of lifestyle factors on risk of mortality associated with influenza in an elderly cohort 2009/2010
7 05060701 306360 A study for effects of poor visibility on hospitalization in Hong Kong 2007/2008
8 4744-RFA04-04-4/06/5 1529401 Impact of the 1990 Hong Kong Legislation for restriction on sulfur content in fuel 2006/2007
9 04050212 799656 Estimation of the effect of influenza on cardiorespiratory and all causes mortality in tropical and sub-tropical climates - a comparative study between Hong Kong, Singapore and Guangzhou for influence of seasonality and meteorological conditions 2005/2006
10 4713-RFIQ03-3/04-9 1168643 Interaction between air pollution and respiratory viruses: Time-series studies for daily mortality and hospital admissions 2003/2004
11 215032 364990 Impact of air pollution on premature deaths in Hong Kong 2002/2003
12 625000 Short term health impact and costs due to raod traffic-related air pollution 2000/2001
13 212920 114330 A pilot study for the validation and elucidation of public health related environmental effect estimates from statistical modelling of daily counts of health outcome 2000/2001
14 58824 Morbidity, mortality and population characteristics in Central and Western District 2000/2001
15 150000 A comparison study of two indices of air pollution in terms of their validity and reliability for the health effects of air pollution in Hong Kong 1998/1999
16 171428 Short-term effects of ambient air pollution on public health in Hong Kong - an APHEA-2 study 1998/1999
17 125000 Short-term effects of ambient air pollution on public health in Hong Kong - a follow-up study 1997/1998
18 621009 483150 Estimation of variations in health care needs between small areas in Hong Kong using routine statistics on morbidity, mortality and socioeconomic and demographic characteristics of the population 1996/1997
19 70000 A survey of the characteristics and satisfaction of the patients attending the Accident and Emergency Department of the Queen Mary Hospital 1995/1996



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