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Name Card
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Professor Lau, Francis Chi Moon 劉智滿

Associate Dean, Faculty of Engineering

Principal Investigator
StatusProject CodeProject TitleAmountFunding Year
ITS/101/01Establishment of an ebXML software infrastructure in Hong Kong95390002001/2002
20214200HP mobile technology for teaching initiative815062004/2005
20700303UGC-Matching Grant Scheme (2nd Phase)-Process Migration and Runtime Scheduling for Parallel Tasks in Computational Grids250002005/2006
HKU 714009EThroughput-Optimal Wireless Link Scheduling under the Physical Interference Model4559362009/2010
HKU 289/93EA study of load balancing and communication balancing in multicomputers2660001993/1994
HKU 7145/05EIntelligent Systems for Painting and Calligraphy3592242005/2006
HKU 7140/04EA holistic approach to structured web document viewing in small devices3394142004/2005
HKU 713607EHigh-Performance Wireless Link Scheduling with Topology Control using Non-Linear Power Assignment3907202007/2008
HKU 7141/06EMemory management strategies to improve garbage collectors6635522006/2007
HKU 7379/02EFast gossiping for mesh-connected parallel computers4134042002/2003
-Evaluation of transputer for the support of UNIX270001987/1988
HKU 716612ECARISMA: a Context-sensitive Approach to Race-condItion test case Selection for Multithreaded software Applications6920002012/2013
HKU 7028/98EFast algorithms for information dissemination in parallel computers3800001998/1999
HKU 7034/99EOn the efficiency and practicability of interval routing4050001999/2000
HKU 7025/97EDynamic load balancing using preemptive process migration in a network of workstations3600001997/1998
HKU 545/96ELoad balancing in multicomputers4160001996/1997
HKU 7519/03EContent adaptation for mobile computing5866762003/2004
HKU 713708ENature-Inspired Particle Mechanics Algorithm3586602008/2009
SEG_HKU09HKU Grid Point for Systems Research and Applications in Multiple Disciplines75000002008/2009
HKU 714311EDistributed Data Queries in Wireless Sensor Networks under the Physical Interference Model4541302011/2012
C7036-15GProblems, Solutions, and Optimization for Modern Clouds51021432015/2016
17210017Collaborative Mobile Robot Search and Evacuation4666672017/2018
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