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    HKU ResearcherPage: Lin, Y
    rp00080.jpg picture
    Dr Lin, Yuan
    • Assistant Professor
    Publication list (Articles)
    Results 1-20 of 27
    Result pages: 1
    A combined finite element-Langevin dynamics (FEM-LD) approach for analyzing the mechanical response of bio-polymer networksLin, Y; Wei, X; Qian, J; Sze, KY; Shenoy, VB201441
    Cascading collapse of honeycomb columns under compression along the long axisKwan, KW; Lin, Y; Ngan, AHW201330
    A Mechanochemical Model of Cell Reorientation on Substrates under Cyclic StretchQian, J; LIU, H; Lin, Y; Chen, W; Gao, H201337
    Tuning Molecular Adhesion via Material AnisotropyZhang, W; Lin, Y; Qian, J; Chen, W; Gao, H201333
    Conformation and confinement energy of interacting end-grafted moleculesLin, Y; Yao, S2012136
    Buckling and enforced stretching of bio-filamentsHu, B; Shenoy, VB; Lin, Y201292
    Transient state model of actin-based motilityBai, LM; Lin, Y2011126
    Compression of micron-sized pillars of anodic aluminium oxide nano-honeycombNg, KY; Lin, Y; Ngan, AHW2011707
    A model of cell motility leading to biphasic dependence of transport speed on adhesive strengthLin, Y2010244
    Dynamic adhesion energy between surfaces connected by molecular bonds and its application to peel testLin, Y; Yao, S; Xu, Q2010199
    A microscopic formulation for the actin-driven motion of Listeria in curved pathsLin, Y; Shenoy, VB; Hu, B; Bai, L2010145
    Mechanics model for actin-based motilityLin, Y2009199
    Lifetime and strength of periodic bond clusters between elastic media under inclined loadingQian, J; Wang, J; Lin, Y; Gao, H2009191
    A quantitative link between microplastic instability and macroscopic deformation behaviors in metallic glassesWu, Y; Chen, GL; Hui, XD; Liu, CT; Lin, Y; Shang, XC; Lu, ZP2009277
    Deformation of anodic aluminum oxide nano-honeycombs during nanoindentationNg, KY; Lin, Y; Ngan, AHW2009539
    The competition between Brownian motion and adhesion in soft materialsLin, Y; Inamdar, M; Freund, LB2008119
    Optimum size of a molecular bond cluster in adhesionLin, Y; Freund, LB2008161
    Forced detachment of a vesicle in adhesive contact with a substrateLin, Y; Freund, LB200785
    An lower bound on receptor density for stable cell adhesion due to thermal undulationsLin, Y; Freund, LB200792
    Thermal distortion of an anisotropic elastic half-plane and its application in contact problems including frictional heatingLin, Y; Ovaert, TC200682
    Result pages: 1



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