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    HKU ResearcherPage: Cheung, GSP
    rp00016.jpg picture
    Professor Cheung, Gary Shun Pan
    • Clinical Professor
    • Associate Dean, Faculty of Dentistry
    Publication list (Articles)
    Results 1-20 of 110
    Result pages: 1
    What are the key endodontic factors associated with oral health-related quality of life?Liu, P; McGrath, CPJ; Cheung, GSP201411
    Suitability of time estimates for survival analysis of endodontic treatmentCheung, GSP; Lee, AHC; Wong, MCM201329
    Comparison Of The Antibacterial Effect And Smear Layer Removal Using Photon-initiated Photoacoustic Streaming Aided Irrigation Versus A Conventional Irrigation In Single-rooted Canals: An In Vitro StudyZhu, XF; Yin, XZ; Chang, JWW; Wang, YU; Cheung, GSP; Zhang, C201341
    Methods and models to study nickel-titanium instrumentsShen, YA; Cheung, GSP201310
    Agreement between periapical radiographs and cone-beam computed tomography for assessment of periapical status of root filled molar teethCheung, GSP; Wei, LLW; McGrath, CPJ201311
    Long-term observation of the mineral trioxide aggregate extrusion into the periapical lesion: a case seriesChang, S-W; Oh, T-S; Lee, W; Cheung, GSP; Kim, H-C201323
    Cyclic fatigue resistance tests of Nickel-Titanium rotary files using simulated canal and weight loading conditionsCho, O-I; Versluis, A; Cheung, GSP; Ha, J-H201319
    Regeneration of dental pulp tissue in immature teeth with apical periodontitis using platelet-rich plasma and dental pulp cellsZhu, W; Zhu, X; Huang, GT-J; Cheung, GSP; Dissanayaka, WL; Zhang, C201366
    Transplantation of dental pulp stem ells and platelet-rich plasma for pulp regenerationZhu, X; Zhang, C; Huang, GT-J; Cheung, GSP; Dissanayaka, WL; Zhu, W201258
    Quality of life and psychological well-being among endodontic patients - A case-control studyLiu, P; McGrath, CPJ; Cheung, GSP201221
    Cyclic fatigue and torsional resistance of two new nickel-titanium instruments used in reciprocation motion: Reciproc Versus WaveOneKim, HC; Kwak, SW; Cheung, GSP; Ko, DH; Chung, SM; Lee, W2012166
    Sucrose as a stable tracer for quantifying endodontic leakageXu, Q; Cheung, GSP; Deng, W-J; Ling, J-Q; Li, W-L201218
    Long-term outcome of primary non-surgical root canal treatmentLee, AHC; Cheung, GSP; Wong, MCM2012167
    Accessary roots and root canals related to maxillary premolar teeth: a review of critical endodontic challengeAly Ahmed, AHM; Cheung, GSP201250
    Effect from cyclic fatigue of nickel-titanium rotary files on torsional resistanceKim, JY; Cheung, GSP; Park, SH; Ko, DC; Kim, JW; Kim, HC201246
    Removal of retained gutta-percha points after complete replacement resorption of maxillary incisors assisted by cone-beam computed tomographyWei, WLL; Chee, C; Ho, A; McGrath, C; Cheung, GSP2011128
    A mathematical model for describing the mechanical behaviour of root canal instrumentsZhang, EW; Cheung, GSP; Zheng, YF2011124
    A numerical method for predicting the bending fatigue life of NiTi and stainless steel root canal instrumentsCheung, GSP; Zhang, EW; Zheng, YF2011122
    Mechanical behavior of ProTaper Universal F2 finishing file under various curvature conditions: A finite element analysis studyGao, Y; Cheung, GSP; Shen, Y; Zhou, X2011140
    Torsional strength and toughness of nickel-titanium rotary filesYum, J; Cheung, GSP; Park, JK; Hur, B; Kim, HC201197
    Result pages: 1



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