Repair technology for cracked metallic structures using composite materials

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Repair technology for cracked metallic structures using composite materials
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Professor Asundi, Anand   (Principal investigator)
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HKU 452/94E
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General Research Fund (GRF)
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There is a great potential for repair, instead of replacement of metallic parts in marine and other structures subject to for example corrosion damage; the use of composites for repair of metallic materials would have to address issues such as bonding, optimum layup configuration and preferred patch characteristics; in addition a PC based software needs to be developed for optimal design of repair patch parameters including size and location of the repair; with the ever increasing use of composite materials, new materials, innovative processing techniques, inspection methods and associated tools and machines are being introduced into the market; in addition, a great number of technical literature is being generated yearly; many industries could benefitfrom this available information; however due to limited manpower and resources they are not able to readily access this information; to this end a value added database on composites needs to be created which can provide the much needed information to industries as well as reaearchers around the world.