Free-Form Shape Modeling Using Cyclides

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Free-Form Shape Modeling Using Cyclides
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Professor Wang, Wen Ping   (Principal investigator)
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Free-form surface, Shape design, Surface modeling, Spline surface
Visualization & Graphics,Others - Computing Science and Information Technology
Engineering (E)
RGC General Research Fund (GRF)
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HKU 717012E
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General Research Fund (GRF)
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1) Adaptive shape representation: We will develop robust algorithms for using cyclide splines to model surfaces of general shape and topology. T-joints will be accommodated to support adaptive approximation and spherical patches will be included to represent regions around umbilical points; 2) Surface fitting with shape preservation: We will develop an effective method that interpolates surface normals in surface fitting with cyclide splines. This scheme takes into account the normal vectors of target surfaces and therefore will produce high quality fitting surfaces in terms of improved surface fairness as well as reduced fitting errors. We will also develop a method for preserving curvature monotonicity in surface fitting. That is, when the target surface to be fitted has monotonic surface curvature, our method will generate a fitting cyclide spline that has the same monotonic curvature behavior; 3) Shape design using cyclide splines: We will develop a subdivision scheme for creating cyclide splines to represent user-specified new shapes. We will also develop interactive editing functions that allow a user to modify the shape of a cyclide spline by editing surface features; 4) Degree of approximation: We will study the degree of approximation of cyclide splines in the context of surface fitting. Knowing the degree of approximation helps to determine a priori the level of patch refinement needed to satisfy a specified fitting error bound in surface fitting.