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Hydrogen-rich saline prevents neointima formation after carotid balloon injury by suppressing ROS and the TNF-α/NF-κB pathwayQin, ZX; Yu, P; Qian, DH; Song, MB; Tan, H; Yu, Y; Li, W; Wang, H; Liu, J; Wang, Q; Sun, XJ; Jiang, H; Zhu, JK; Lu, W; Huang, L2012132
Persistent current in mesoscopic semiconductor rings at extremely low temperatures: A two-band modelWang, Y; Zhu, JK; Wang, ZD; Wang, J1996104
Effect of bipolar coagulation and occlusion clamping on the patency rate in microvascular anastomosesChow, SP; Zhu, JK; So, YC198660
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