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Implicit motor learning promotes neural efficiency during laparoscopyZhu, FF; Poolton, JM; Wilson, MR; Hu, Y; Maxwell, JP; Masters, RSW2011144
Neural co-activation as a yardstick of implicit motor learning and the propensity for conscious control of movementZhu, FF; Poolton, JM; Wilson, MR; Maxwell, JP; Masters, RSW2011174
Target-directed visual attention is a prerequisite for action-specific perceptionCañalBruland, R; Zhu, FF; der Kamp, JV; Masters, RSW2011123
Target-directed vision in action-specific perceptionCanal-Bruland, R; van der Kamp, J; Zhu, FF; Masters, RSW201047
EEG activity during the verbal-cognitive stage of motor skill acquisitionZhu, FF; Maxwell, JP; Hu, Y; Zhang, ZG; Lam, WK; Poolton, JM; Masters, RSW2010241
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