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Neonatal otoacoustic emission screening and sudden infant death syndromeChan, RSY; McPherson, B; Zhang, VW201268
Detection improvement for neonatal click evoked otoacoustic emissions by time-frequency filteringZhang, VW; Zhang, ZG; McPherson, B; Hu, Y; Hung, YS2011129
Comparison of alternative methods in neonatal hearing screening: tone-burst otoacoustic emissions and time-frequency filteringZhang, VW; McPherson, B; Shi, BX; Tang, JLF; Wong, BYK2010120
Neonatal hearing screening: A combined click evoked and tone burst otoacoustic emission approachZhang, VW; McPherson, B; Shi, BX; Tang, JLF; Wong, BYK2008106
Time-frequency analysis of click-evoked otoacoustic emissions by means of a minimum variance spectral estimation-based methodZhang, ZG; Zhang, VW; Chan, SC; McPherson, B; Hu, Y2008157
A review of otoacoustic emission hearing screening technologyZhang, VW; Mcpherson, B200862
Tone burst-evoked otoacoustic emissions in neonates: Normative dataZhang, VW; McPherson, B; Zhang, ZG2008302
A new minimum variance spectral estimation method for analyzing click-evoked otoacoustic emissionsZhang, ZG; Chan, SC; Zhang, VW; McPherson, B2007110
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