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A matrix perturbation method for computing the steady-state probability distributions of probabilistic Boolean networks with gene perturbationsXu, WW; Ching, WK; Zhang, SQ; Li, W; Chen, XS2011183
A new multiple regression approach for the construction of genetic regulatory networksZhang, SQ; Ching, WK; Tsing, NK; Leung, HY; Guo, D2010284
Generating probabilistic Boolean networks from a prescribed stationary distributionZhang, SQ; Ching, WK; Chen, X; Tsing, NK2010223
Optimal control policy for probabilistic Boolean networks with hard constraintsChing, WK; Zhang, SQ; Jiao, Y; Akutsu, T; Tsing, NK; Wong, AS2009228
Analyses and algorithms for predecessor and control problems for boolean networks of bounded indegreeAkutsu, T; Hayashida, M; Zhang, SQ; Ching, WK; Ng, MK2008254
A simplified multivariate Markov chain model for the construction and control of genetic regulatory networksZhang, SQ; Ching, WK; Jiao, Y; Wu, LY; Chan, RH2008122
Construction and Control of Genetic Regulatory Networks: A Multivariate Markov Chain ApproachZhang, SQ; Ching, WK; Jiao, Y; Wu, LY; Chan, RH2008118
Algorithms and complexity analyses for control of singleton attractors in Boolean networksTamura, T; Hayashida, M; Akutsu, T; Zhang, SQ; Ching, WK2008250
A multiple regression approach for building genetic networksZhang, SQ; Ching, WK; Tsing, NK; Leung, HY; Guo, DD2008128
Finding incoming global states in Boolean networksAkutsu, T; Hayashida, M; Zhang, SQ; Ching, WK; Ng, MK200765
Simulation study in Probabilistic Boolean Network models for genetic regulatory networksZhang, SQ; Ching, WK; Ng, MK; Akutsu, T2007209
On Multi-dimensional Markov Chain ModelsChing, WK; Zhang, SQ; Ng, MK2007140
Resonance Raman and density functional theory investigation of the photodissociation dynamics of the A-band absorption of (E)-Β-nitrostyrene in cyclohexane solutionZhang, SQ; Wang, HG; Pei, KM; Zheng, X; Phillips, DL200766
Algorithms for finding small attractors in boolean networksZhang, SQ; Hayashida, M; Akutsu, T; Ching, WK; Ng, MK2007193
A linear programming approach for determining optimal advertising policyChing, WK; Yuen, WO; Ng, MK; Zhang, SQ2006142
A control model for Markovian genetic regulatory networksNg, MK; Zhang, SQ; Ching, WK; Akutsu, T200682
Resonance Raman intensity analysis of the excited state proton transfer dynamics of 2-nitrophenol in the charge-transfer band absorptionWang, YQ; Wang, HG; Zhang, SQ; Pei, KM; Zheng, X; Phillips, DL2006480
Resonance Raman study of short-time photodissociation dynamics of the charge-transfer band absorption of nitrobenzene in cyclohexane solutionZhu, XM; Zhang, SQ; Zheng, X; Lee, DP2005108
A linear control model for gene intervention in a genetic regulatory networkZhang, SQ; Ng, MK; Ching, WK; Akutsu, T2005407
Numerical algorithms for dynamic traffic demand estimation between zones in a networkChing, WK; Scholtes, S; Zhang, SQ200477
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