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A survey design for a sensitive binary variable correlated with another nonsensitive binary variableYu, JW; Lu, Y; Tian, G201325
Bayesian estimation and prediction for the power law process with left-truncated dataTian, GL; Tang, ML; Yu, JW2011104
Efficient algorithms for generating truncated multivariate normal distributionsYu, JW; Tian, GL2011146
Two new models for survey sampling with sensitive characteristic: Design and analysisYu, JW; Tian, GL; Tang, ML2008184
Statistical inference and prediction for the Weibull process with incomplete observationsYu, JW; Tian, GL; Tang, ML2008161
A new non-randomized model for analysis sensitive questions with binary outcomesTian, GL; Yu, JW; Tang, ML; Geng, Z200776
Predictive analyses for nonhomogeneous Poisson processes with power law using Bayesian approachYu, JW; Tian, GL; Tang, ML200799
Mutations of a mutS homolog in hereditary nonpolyposis colorectal cancerLeach, FS; Nicolaides, NC; Papadopoulos, N; Liu, B; Jen, J; Parsons, R; Peltomaki, P; Sistonen, P; Aaltonen, LA; NystromLahti, M; Guan, XY; Zhang, J; Meltzer, PS; Yu, JW; Kao, FT; Chen, DJ; Cerosaletti, KM; Fournier, REK; Todd, S1993139
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