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Feasibility study of fast diffusion tensor imaging based on distributed compressed sensingWu, Y; Zhu, YJ; Liu, W; Tang, QY; An, YS; Wu, EX; Ying, L; Liang, D2012130
Direct diffusion tensor estimation using joint sparsity constraint without image reconstructionZhu, Y; Wu, Y; Wu, EX; Ying, L; Liang, D201296
A model-based method with joint sparsity constant for direct diffusion tensor estimationZhu, Y; Wu, Y; Zheng, YJ; Wu, EX; Ying, L; Liang, D201262
Role of sulfhydryl-dependent dimerization of soluble guanylyl cyclase in relaxation of porcine coronary artery to nitric oxideZheng, X; Ying, L; Liu, J; Dou, D; He, Q; Leung, SWS; Man, RYK; Vanhoutte, PM; Gao, Y2011155
Governmental policy and social exclusion of rural migrants in urban ChinaYing, L; Chui, E201072
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