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Attitudes and intention toward old age home placement: A study of young adult, middle-aged, and older ChineseTang, CS; Wu, AMS; Yeung, D; Yan, E2009145
Monitoring of response of patients with locally advanced breast carcinoma (LABC) to neoadjuvant chemohormonotherapy using 18FDG-positron emission tomography-CT (18FDG-PET-CT)Kwong, A; Yeung, D; Lam, CK; Ho, CL; Louis, CWC200653
Understanding Chinese adolescent girls' responses to their unfolding femininity and sexualityYan, E; Tang, C; Yeung, D; Lee, AM200271
Purification and properties of dog muscle pyruvate kinaseWu, SWN; Wong, SC; Yeung, D198170
Apparent inhibition of pyruvate kinase by phosphocreatine and phosphoarginineWu, SWN; Wong, SC; Yeung, D1979294
Comparative studies of vertebrate and invertebrate pyruvate kinasesWu, SWN; Wong, SC; Yeung, D1978236
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