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Suicide attempt and suicidal ideation and their aoociations with demographic and clinical correlates and quality of life in Chinese schizophrenia patientsYan, F; Ziang, YT; Hou, YZ; Ungvari, GS; DIxon, LB; Chan, SS; Lee, HME; Li, WY; Li, WX; Zhu, YL; Chiu, HF201326
Storage media enhance osteoclastogenic potential of human periodontal ligament cells via RANKL-independent signalingZhan, X; Zhang, C; Dissanayaka, WL; Cheung, GSP; Jin, L; Yang, Y; Yan, F; Tong, EHY2013136
Quality of life in community-dwelling patients with schizophrenia in ChinaXiang, YT; Hou, YZ; Yan, F; DIxon, LB; Ungvari, GS; DIckerson, F; Li, WY; Li, WX; Zhu, YL; Chan, SS; Lee, HME; Chiu, HF201227
Silicon grain boundary passivation for photovoltaics: a novel approach with small polar moleculesWang, W; Wang, L; Liu, F; Yan, F; Johnston, S; Al-Jassim, M2012142
PLK1 phosphorylates mitotic centromere-associated kinesin and promotes its depolymerase activityZhang, L; Shao, H; Huang, Y; Yan, F; Chu, Y; Hou, H; Zhu, M; Fu, C; Aikhionbare, F; Fang, G; Ding, X; Yao, X2011149
Cigarette smoking in community-dwelling patients with schizophrenia in ChinaHou, YZ; Xiang, YT; Yan, F; Ungvari, GS; Dickerson, F; Chiu, HFK; Lai, KYC; Lee, EHM; Li, WY; Li, WX; Zhu, YL; Dixon, LB201199
Thermal annealing and temperature dependences of memory effect in organic memory transistorRen, XC; Wang, SM; Leung, CW; Yan, F; Chan, PKL2011132
PRC1 cooperates with CLASP1 to organize central spindle plasticity in mitosisLiu, J; Wang, Z; Jiang, K; Zhang, L; Zhao, L; Hua, S; Yan, F; Yang, Y; Wang, D; Fu, C; Ding, X; Guo, Z; Yao, X2009174
Dual reciprocity hybrid boundary node method for free vibration analysisYan, F; Wang, YH; Miao, Y; Cheung, YK2009144
Dual reciprocity hybrid boundary node method for 2-D elasticity with body forceYan, F; Wang, YH; Tham, LG; Cheung, YK2008124
Mitotic phosphorylation of PRC1 at Thr470 is required for PRC1 oligomerization and proper central spindle organizationFu, C; Yan, F; Wu, F; Wu, Q; Whittaker, J; Hu, H; Hu, R; Yao, X2007142
Structure, magnetism and spin coupling mechanism of cyano-bridged Ln III-Fe III binuclear metal complexesSun, XR; Chen, ZD; Yan, F; Gao, S; Cheung, KK; Che, CM; Zhang, XX2002130
Fast SEP measurement applied to intraoperative spinal cord monitoringDu, M; Chan, H; Yan, F; Hu, Y2001123
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