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Downlink resource auction in a tree topology structured wireless mesh networkKong, Z; Xu, CZ; Kwok, YK201094
A Lyapunov-type condition for robust feedback stability of delay control systemsLee, RCH; Wong, CW; Xu, CZ; Yim, LH; Yung, SP200674
Load Balancing in Parallel Computers: Theory and PracticeXu, CZ; Lau, FCM1997205
The Generalized Dimension Exchange Method for Load Balancing in k-ary n-Cubes and VariantsXu, CZ; Lau, FCM1995145
An analytical comparison of nearest neighbor algorithms for load balancing in parallel computersXu, CZ; Monien, B; Luling, R; Lau, FCM1995400
Optimal parameters for load balancing using the diffusion method in k-ary n-cube networksXu, CZ; Lau, FCM1993114
Analysis of the generalized dimension exchange method for dynamic load balancingXu, CZ; Lau, FCM199272
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