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Allocation of construction resources through a pull-driven approachNg, TST; Zheng, DXM; Xie, J201326
Retinal microvascular signs and risk of stroke: The Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis (MESA)Kawasaki, R; Xie, J; Cheung, N; Lamoureux, E; Klein, R; Klein, BEK; Cotch, MF; Sharrett, AR; Shea, S; Wong, TY201241
Environmental-economic unit commitment using mixed-integer linear programmingXie, J; Zhong, J; Li, Z; Gan, D2011154
Visualizing dynamic geosciences phenomena using an octree-based view-dependent LOD strategy within virtual globesLi, J; Wu, H; Yang, C; Wong, DW; Xie, J201123
Emission allowance allocation with multiple equity principles in deregulated power systemsXie, J; Zhong, J; Gan, D201196
Simulating the effect of risks on equity return for concession-based public-private partnership projectsNg, ST; Xie, J; Kumaraswamy, MM2010133
Locating experts via online social networksXu, K; Xie, J; Li, VOK2010141
A multi-objective decision support model for public private partnerships schemesXie, J; Ng, TST2010131
Capability and responsibility balancing in online social searchXu, K; Li, VOK; Xie, J; Yang, GH2010195
Electrical-thermal co-analysis for power delivery networks in 3D system integrationXie, J; Chung, D; Swaminathan, M; Mcallister, M; Deutsch, A; Jiang, L; Rubin, BJ2009123
Effect of system components on electrical and thermal characteristics for power delivery networks in 3D system integrationXie, J; Chung, D; Swaminathan, M; Mcallister, M; Deutsch, A; Jiang, L; Rubin, BJ2009170
Modeling random walk search algorithms in unstructured P2P networks with social informationXie, J; Lui, KS200974
A simulation model for evaluating the tariff stability of concession-based PPP proposalsNg, TST; Xie, J2008109
Primary and secondary phosphine complexes of iron porphyrins and ruthenium phthalocyanine: Synthesis, structure, and P-H bond functionalizationHuang, JS; Yu, GA; Xie, J; Wong, KM; Zhu, N; Che, CM2008355
Self-assembly of a cyclic metalladecapyridine from the reaction of 2,6-bis(bis(2-pyridyl)methoxymethane)pyridine with silver(I)Huang, JS; Xie, J; Kui, SCF; Fang, GS; Zhu, N; Che, CM2008239
A simulation model for optimizing the concession period of public-private partnerships schemesNg, ST; Xie, J; Cheung, YK; Jefferies, M2007201
A fuzzy simulation model for evaluating the concession items of public-private partnership schemesThomas Ng, S; Xie, J; Skitmore, M; Cheung, YK2007123
Long-term persistence of robust antibody and cytotoxic T cell responses in recovered patients infected with SARS coronavirusLi, T; Xie, J; He, Y; Fan, H; Baril, L; Qiu, Z; Han, Y; Xu, W; Zhang, W; You, H; Zuo, Y; Fang, Q; Yu, J; Chen, Z; Zhang, L2006107
One-pot synthesis of metal primary phosphine complexes from O=PCl 2R or PCl 2R. Isolation and characterization of primary alkylphosphine complexes of a metalloporphyrinHuang, JS; Yu, GA; Xie, J; Zhu, N; Che, CM200668
The Disappearance of Courtyard Houses in Changsha: a typological perspectiveXie, J; Wang, WJ2006148
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