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Visual response properties of Y cells in the detached feline retinaNan, Y; Xiao, C; Chen, B; EllisBehnke, RG; So, KF; Pu, M2010100
Generalizations and new proof of the discrete-time positive real lemma and bounded real lemmaXiao, C; Hill, DJ199953
Coefficient sensitivity and structure optimization of multidimensional state-space digital filtersXiao, C; Agathoklis, P; Hill, DJ199866
Concepts of strict positive realness and the absolute stability problem of continuous-time systemsXiao, C; Hill, DJ199845
Stability and the lyapunov equation for n-dimensional digital systemsXiao, C; Hill, DJ; Agathoklis, P199756
On the Positive Definite Solutions to the 2-D Continuous-time Lyapunov EquationXiao, C; Agathoklis, P; Hill, DJ199768
Stability results for decomposable multidimensional digital systems based on the Lyapunov equationXiao, C; Hill, DJ199682
Stability and absence of overflow oscillations for 2-D discrete-time systemsXiao, C; Hill, DJ199649
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