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Trends for pneumonia and influenza hospital admissions in Hong Kong: Age, period and cohort effects (abstract & poster presentation)WANG, X; Yang, L; Chan, KP; CAO, P; Peiris, JSM; Wong, CM201315
The Development of Interrogative Forms and Functions in Early Childhood CantoneseLi, H; Tse, SK; Wong, MS; Wong, CM; Leung, S.O.201337
Effect of bi-directional microfabricated topographical cues on cellular behavior of mammalian cell lineMak, KY; Woo, HK; Du, Y; Li, L; Wong, CM; Shi, J; Pong, PWT201336
Analysis of effect of micro- and nano-fabricated patterns on biological systems: a flexible MATLAB-based image processing softwareMak, KY; Hui, KTH; Chan, VHF; Li, L; Wong, CM; Leung, CW; Shi, J; Lai, PT; Leung, CH; Pong, PWT201357
Investigating the Association Between Traffic-Related Exposure and Mortality Risk in Hong KongMA, X; Thach, TQ; Lai, PC; Chau, YK; Lai, HK; Wong, CM201323
Effect of O2-plasma treatment on nanogrooved PDMS surfaces for modulating cellular behavior of mammalian cellsMak, KY; Woo, HK; Sun, Y; Leung, CW; Du, Y; Li, L; Lai, PT; Leung, CH; Wong, CM; Shi, J; Pong, PWT201339
Both low and high temperature may increase the risk of stroke mortalityChen, RJ; Wang, CC; Meng, X; Chen, HL; Thach, TQ; Wong, CM; Kan, HD201343
In vitro study on the combined effect of gravity and microgrooved surface topography on cellular behavior of mammalian cell line for medical implantMak, KY; Woo, HK; Du, Y; Li, L; Wong, CM; Shi, J; Pong, PWT201336
Comarative study on cellular responses of hepatic cells and carcinoma cells to groove and spacing dimensions of microgrooved PDMS surfacesMak, KY; Leung, CW; Li, L; Wong, CM; Shi, J; Pong, PWT201329
Meta-analysis of adverse health effects due to air pollution in Chinese populationsLai, HK; Tsang, H; Wong, CM201336
An apparatus for studying spallation neutrons in the Aberdeen Tunnel laboratoryBlyth, SC; Chan, YL; Chen, XC; Chu, MC; Hahn, RL; Ho, TH; Hsiung, YB; Hu, BZ; Kwan, KK; Kwok, MW; Kwok, T; Lau, YP; Lee, KP; Leung, JKC; Leung, KY; Lin, GL; Lin, YC; Luk, KB; Luk, WH; Ngai, HY; Ngan, SY; Pun, JCS; Shih, K; Tam, YH; Tsang, RHM; Wang, CY; Wong, CM; Wong, HL; Wong, HHC; Wong, KK; Yeh, M201337
Objective indication of fatigue in SSVEP-based BCI through EEG spectral analysisCao, T; Wong, CM; Wan, F; Hu, Y201344
Model selection in time series studies of influenza-associated mortalityWang, XL; Yang, L; Chan, KP; Chiu, SS; Chan, KH; Peiris, JSM; Wong, CM2012135
Effects of Nanoporous and Microgrooved Substrates on Cell Morphology and Cell Migration of Hepatoma CellsMak, KY; Li, L; Wong, CM; Leung, CW; Shi, J; Koon, HK; Mak, CSK; Chan, NMM; Pong, PWT201230
Disease burden of influenza in sub-tropical Hong KongWong, CM201151
Simultaneous Le Fort III and segmentalized Le Fort I osteotomies for syndromal and non-syndromal patientsTam, CK; Luk, WK; Pow, EHN; Lo, J; Coward, TJ; Wong, CM201152
Synthesis, Characterization, and in vitro Biocompatibility Assay of Fe3O4 Nanoparticles”.LI, L; MAK, KY; Shi, J; Leung, CH; Wong, CM; Leung, CW; Mak, CSK; Chan, NMM; Chan, SB; Zhong, W; Shueh, C; Lin, KW; Pong, PWT201135
Physics: Study Guide for HKDSEE 3Chau, HF; Wong, CM; Ng, TK; Leung, YC; Leung, MKH; Yu, KW2011157
Influence of Autoclaving on Dextran-Coated Iron Oxide Magnetic NanoparticlesLI, L; MAK, KY; Shi, J; Leung, CH; Wong, CM; Leung, CW; Mak, CSK; Chan, NMM; Chan, SB; Pong, PWT201131
Further research needs for short term health effects and air pollution in Asia (abstract)Wong, CM; Thach, TQ; Chau, YK; Chan, KP; Yang, L; Lai, HK201169
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