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Berberine: an old drug but new use for liver diseases.
International Congress on Natural Products Research (ICNPR 2012)
Feng, Y; Wang, MN; Tong, Y; Tsao, GSW2012107
Differential inhibitory effect of berberine on human hepatocellular carcinoma
8th International Postgraduate Symposium on Chinese Medicine
Wang, MN; Feng, Y201293
Recent Progress on Anti-Liver Fibrosis Candidates in Patents of Herbal Medicinal Products
Recent Pat Food Nutr Agric
Wang, X; Feng, Y; Wang, MN; Cheung, F; Wong, CW2012205
A comparative study on the hepatoprotective action of bear bile and coptidis rhizoma aqueous extract on experimental liver fibrosis in rats
BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine
Wang, MN; Feng, Y; Cheung, F; Chow, OY; Wang, X; Su, W; Tong, Y2012134
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