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AluScan: A method for genome-wide scanning of sequence and structure variations in the human genomeMei, L; Ding, X; Tsang, SY; Pun, FW; Ng, SK; Yang, J; Zhao, C; Li, D; Wan, W; Yu, CH; Tan, TC; Poon, WS; Leung, GK; Ng, HK; Zhang, L; Xue, H2011180
Structural and mechanistic studies of co-ordination compounds. Part 17. Preparation and acid hydrolysis of some cobalt(III) complexes containing the quadridentate macrocycle 2,7,12-trimethyl-3,7,11,17-tetra-azabicyclo[11.3.1] heptadeca-1 (17),2,11,13,15-pentaene: An extra-ordinary hydrolysis reactionPoon, C-K; Wan, W; Liao, SST197717
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