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MiRNA-20a promotes osteogenic differentiation of human mesenchymal stem cells by co-regulating BMP signalingZhang, JF; Fu, WM; He, ML; Xie, WD; Lv, Q; Wan, G; Li, G; Wang, H; Lu, G; Hu, X; Jiang, S; Li, JN; Lin, MCM; Zhang, YO; Kung, HF2011134
Single machine scheduling to minimize total weighted earliness subject to minimal number of tardy jobsWan, G; Yen, BPC2009195
δ(13)C-δ(18)O covariance: an effective indicator of hydrological closure for lakes?Chen, J; Wang, F; Wan, G; Tang, D; Zhang, DD; Huang, R; Li, J; Xiao, T2008138
The 'Little Ice Age' recorded by sediment chemistry in Lake Erhai, southwest ChinaChen, J; Wan, G; Zhang, DD; Chen, Z; Xu, J; Xiao, T; Huang, R200571
Environmental records of lacustrine sediments in different time scales: Sediment grain size as an exampleChen, J; Wan, G; Zhang, DD; Zhang, F; Huang, R2004116
Single Machine Bi-criteria Scheduling: A SurveyWan, G; Yen, BP200398
Single machine bicriteria scheduling: A surveyYen, BPC; Wan, G200380
Environmental records of carbon in recent lake sedimentsChen, J; Wan, G; Wang, F; Zhang, DD; Huang, R; Zhang, F; Schmidt, R200254
Studies of Carbon Environmental Records of Current Lacustrine SedimentChen, J; Wan, G; Wang, F; Huang, R; Zhang, F; Zhang, D; Schmidt, R200277
Tabu search for single machine scheduling with distinct due windows and weighted earliness/tardiness penaltiesWan, G; Yen, BPC200278
Single machine scheduling to minimize total compression plus weighted flow cost is NP-hardWan, G; Yen, BPC; Li, CL2001110
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