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Serum nitric oxide synthase activity is a novel predictor of impaired vasorelaxation in rats.Chan, E; Chan, JY; Wu, JH; Wan, CW; Leung, GPH; Lee, SMY; Kwan, YW; Chan, SW201229
Home-school Support Model For Children With Dyslexia And Their Families: An Interim ReportTsang, SKM; Lam, CWC; Wan, CW200499
Highly luminous substituted bipyrrolesChe, CM; Wan, CW; Lin, WZ; Yu, WY; Zhou, ZY; Lai, WY; Lee, ST2001157
Strongly luminescent metal-organic compounds: Spectroscopic properties and crystal structure of substituted 1,8-naphthyridine and its zinc(II) complexChe, CM; Wan, CW; Ho, KY; Zhoa, ZY2001155
The transient photoluminescence properties of bipyrrole derivativesLin, WZ; Wan, CW; Yeung, PM; Che, CM200160
Multiple XbaI polymorphisms for carrier detection and prenatal diagnosis of haemophilia AChan, V; Tong, TMF; Chan, TPT; Tang, M; Wan, CW; Chan, FY; Chu, YC; Chan, TK198960
Sonographic differential diagnosis of pelvic masses complicating pregnancy.Woo, JS; Wan, CW; Ghosh, A; Liang, ST; Tang, LC; Wong, VC198422
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