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Formation of the world's largest molybdenum metallogenic belt: a plate-tectonic perspective on the Qinling molybdenum depositsLi, CL; Wang, FY; Hao, XL; Ding, X; Zhang, H; Ling, MX; Zhou, JB; Li, YL; Fan, WM; Sun, WD2012202
Geochronology and geochemistry of Late Paleozoic magmatic rocks in the Lamasu-Dabate area, northwestern Tianshan (west China): evidence for a tectonic transition from arc to post-collisional settingTang, GJ; Wang, Q; Wyman, DA; Sun, M; Li, ZX; Zhao, ZH; Sun, WD; Jia, XH; Jiang, ZQ201086
Quartz thermoluminescence-another potential paleothermometer for sedimentary basin thermal history studyGong, GL; Li, SH; Sun, WD; Guo, F; Xia, B; Lü, BF2010236
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