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Counterpart Cities: Multi-disciplinary Research on Environmental Issues of Hong Kong and ShenzhenTang, DSW; Solomon, JD201162
The Clock in the Cloud: a Fabricated Dialogue on BeijingSolomon, JD; Chang, YH; Dong, Y; Fan, L; Feng, Y; Jiang, J; Ma, Y; Pan, G; Pan, S; Peyron, P; Qing, L; Wang, J; Yin, J2009195
Control Shift: Architectural Fabrication In The Pearl River DeltaSolomon, JD; Carlow, JF; Lin, JCH2009227
A Housing Market with Chinese Characteristics: From State to Market Control and Back Again in Post-1988 BeijingSolomon, JD; Wang, Y2009178
Forget Google, Say Hello to CentamapSolomon, JD2008368
Caves of Steel, Mapping Hong Kong in the 21st CenturySolomon, JD2008155
Looking Like ChinaSolomon, JD2008186
Exhibition: Charged Infrastructures, Elaborations on the HKZMB, Hong Kong Shenzhen Bi-City Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism, 2008, Wang Weijen, Lead CuratorSolomon, JD; Poon, A; Yeung, K2008126
The Urban Border as a Charged Infrastructure: Elaborations on the Hong Kong Zhuhai Macau BridgeSolomon, JD2007126
The Malachite CitySolomon, JD2007110
Models, 306090 Volume 11Solomon, JD; Abruzzo, EA; Elingsen, E2007108
Masters of the UniverseSolomon, JD; Burnett, GD2007110
Urban Megastructure as Enabler of Sustainable Housing: A Case Study of Hong Kong’s Airport Core ProgramSolomon, JD2007130
Two Futures for Victoria Harbour: Infrastructure City or Tourist CitySolomon, JD2007143
Seeing the City for the TreesSolomon, JD2007104
Markestructure: Mega-city as Free-Market MegastructureSolomon, JD2006106
Decoration, 306090 Volume 10Solomon, JD; Abruzzo, EA2006122
The Grid and the WaterfrontSolomon, JD2006126
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