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Engineered Amp C β-lactamase as a fluorescent screening tool for class C β-lactamase inhibitorsTsang, MW; Chan, PH; So, PK; Ma, DL; Tsang, CW; Wong, KY; Leung, YC201174
A highly selective luminescent switch-on probe for histidine/histidine-rich proteins and its application in protein stainingMa, DL; Wong, WL; Chung, WH; Chan, FY; So, PK; Lai, TS; Zhou, ZY; Leung, YC; Wong, KY200893
Fluorophore-labeled β-lactamase as a biosensor for β-lactam antibiotics: A study of the biosensing processChan, PH; So, PK; Ma, DL; Zhao, Y; Lai, TS; Chung, WH; Chan, KC; Yiu, KF; Chan, HW; Siu, FM; Tsang, CW; Leung, YC; Wong, KY2008141
Alkene cyclopropanation catalyzed by Halterman iron porphyrin: Participation of organic bases as axial ligandsLai, TS; Chan, FY; So, PK; Ma, DL; Wong, KY; Che, CM2006158
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