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Self-reported Pubertal stage using Pubertal Development ScaleChan, PT; Sung, RTY; Nelson, EAS; So, HK; Tse, YK; Kong, APS201271
Follow up of aerobic capacity in children affected by severe acute respiratory syndromeYu, CCW; Li, AM; Au, CT; Mcmanus, AM; So, RCH; Lam, HS; Chu, WCW; So, HK; Chiu, WK; Leung, CW; Yau, YS; Fok, TF; Sung, RYT201283
Measurement of pubertal status with a Chinese self-report Pubertal Development ScaleChan, NPT; Sung, RYT; Nelson, EAS; So, HK; Tse, YK; Kong, APS2010109
Reliability of pubertal self-assessment in Hong Kong Chinese childrenChan, NPT; Sung, RYT; Kong, APS; Goggins, WB; So, HK; Nelson, EAS2008132
The six-minute walk test in healthy children: Reliability and validityLi, AM; Yin, J; Yu, CCW; Tsang, T; So, HK; Wong, E; Chan, D; Hon, EKL; Sung, R2005138
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